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honestbee and Baby Central: Delivering Products & Groceries Right to your Door

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Honestly? We’re happier and healthier with honestbee and Baby Central

If lugging around carrier bags whilst juggling the baby, bananas, and bread is a skill you have yet to master, then trust that you are not alone, mama! So if attempting to check the use-by date on the chicken, whilst the mini monsters play hide-and-seek is not an image you want to relive, then we have a simple, one-stop solution for you: honestbee.

We know all about that never-ending to-do-list, and we get that you don’t need a grocery list the length of our arm to top it all off. Sit back, and relax, safe in the knowledge that it is no longer necessary to navigate the aisles with a buggy instead of a proper trolley.

When the fridge is looking sparse and the dreaded weekly shop is already overdue, you know there’s only one thing left to do: call in the experts. Inspired by the desire to convenience busy mamas, it’s no surprise that honestbee is a loved service in a city like Hong Kong. As one of Asia’s leading online grocery concierge services, they work to provide all our household products, groceries, and baby products in one quick, easy, screaming-children-free process. Now if that’s not something to shout about, we don’t know what is.

They shop at a large variety of our fave brands, from big supermarkets (like Fusion and Great), to premium boutiques (like Gateway, and local butchers and wine shops). To really cater to the preferences of parents, honestbee has recently joined forces with Baby Central! And with over 10,000 available products across a constantly increasing pool of stores, we can’t get over the fact that we can shop from all their stores in ONE single purchase. It’s a game changer. Plus, you can choose your preferred 1-hr delivery window, and their trained (and trusted) shopper bees handpick your groceries one-hour before your desired delivery time. Quality? Freshness? Convenience? Check, check, check!

Simply log on to the website, or download the app, and let the magic happen. Delivery is free when you spend over $250, and any purchase under that will have a delivery fee of $60, on top of the current concierge charge of $25 (worth every penny!). Though they currently only service Hong Kong island, they have plans to expand to Kowloon very soon – so keep your eyes peeled!

Sassy Mama PerkAs if running from shop to shop to collect all our necessities wasn’t enough, honestbee is also offering all you Sassy Mama readers $200 off when you spend over $400 on your first order. Simply use the code HKSM200 on or on the honestbee app (valid until Monday, 11 July, 2016). And for the first 100 readers who place an order with Baby Central, they’re throwing in a Sassy Baby Ring too!

We trust you’re convinced. You can thank us later, mama!

Brought to you in partnership with honestbee

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