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The Pre-Natal Massage at the Grand Hyatt’s Plateau Spa

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As a heavily pregnant mama, I’m always on the lookout for a fabulous pre-natal massage to work out the kinks and body aches. I make no excuses for the fact that I try to indulge at least once a month. And so along the way I’ve had lots of great ones (and a few just so-so ones)… but a recent visit to the Plateau Spa at the Grand Hyatt inspired me to put pen to paper – it was that good.

Now, when it comes to spas, phrases like “haven of tranquility” and “luxurious sanctuary” get bandied about quite a bit, to say the least. But come on, now… not all massages are created equal – and we all know that not all spas are really the “complete indulgence” they claim to be. But the Plateau Spa, located high above the hustle-bustle at this landmark HK hotel (which is Hyatt’s international flagship, by the way), offers a magic mix of privacy, luxury and super lavish treatments that make it an escape from the city worthy of all sorts of fancy descriptive phrases.

The experience starts the moment you step off the lift and into the spa’s serene black granite reception. Dark and cozy, it sets the mood and immediately put me into relaxation mode. Treatments rooms are chic and contemporary (not to mention positively massive) and fitted out in a warm wood that creates a comfortable and homey atmosphere – albeit the home of a very well-to-do friend with taste straight out of Architectural Digest. The overall effect is quite lavish and about as far as you can get from that “clinical” vibe many spas today give off – and the private en suite bathroom was a welcome sight given what this sweet baby on board is doing to my poor bladder.

Their well-curated menu of facial and body treatments is one of the most extensive around and includes expected treats like exfoliations, massages, wraps, and loads of facial variations, as well as a few unexpected gems like the “The Crackberry” 30-minute hand massage (!).

But I was there for heavenly Mother-to-Be Massage 60 (or 90) minutes of relaxation and quiet. A super gentle massage, it focused on the muscle tension and sore joints that go hand in hand with pregnancy. And great news, mamas – through the end of the year it’s part of a special “Take Time for Yourself” deal that includes not just an hour of bliss, but also a yummy afternoon tea at Tiffin Lounge. A pretty dreamy afternoon if you ask me. Not expecting? Swap the pre-natal massage for either their Green Tea Hydrating Massage or their classic deep tissue Hong Kong Massage.

Get the full scoop on their Take Time for Yourself special that’s running through December 31 and their other holiday offerings (including the very fab looking “Festive Glow” package) here.

Plateau Spa at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
11th floor, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong
Bookings: +852 2584 7688 or by email: [email protected]


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