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The Sanctuary Perfect Pregnancy Package for Moms-to-be

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Being pregnant can often cause you to feel like an alien in your own body. You used to be able to properly establish a cause and effect relationship between what you did and how you felt. After reading that plus sign on the stick, it seems that things just happen and the only explanation is “Oh, you’re pregnant!”. Your body very much takes on a life of its own and things are changing at an astonishing speed! During this time, it’s important to try and reconnect with what you once knew to be yourself. This is why a place like The Sanctuary is essential to your pregnancy line up. The practitioners here can offer you guidance, support, and tips for working through the ups and downs of your new life adventure via their Perfect Pregnancy Package! I recently waddled on over to the Arbuthnot Road location to try out all the goodies on offer and have been riding high ever since!

I booked several sessions in one day as a way of relaxing and indulging on my baby and me! First up was a morning prenatal yoga session with Charlotte and two other mommas-to-be. The mats in the room all faced each other, which promoted a warm, connected feeling, while windows wrapped around the room to offer beautiful views of Central. There were a variety of pillows and bolsters to use as needed throughout the practice. The session very much focused on bringing mom and baby together and it was so nice to feel him kick as I breathed through the modified poses. Charlotte is a mother herself so she was able to talk us through our pregnancy woes from her own experience and if I can be half as fit as she is (pre or post baby), then sign me up! I’m thinking a few more yoga sessions may be required of me though (two are included in the package).


Post yoga I sat down with Charlotte as she taught me what homeopathy is and how it can be used throughout the pregnancy. She sat as I listed off my pregnancy symptoms and concerns and then thoughtfully addressed each, suggesting remedies here and there are she saw fit. My main issues were nausea, vomiting and indigestion (glamorous, I know) so she suggested I try taking Ipecac and Chelidonium. It turns out that what makes you sick can also make you better when taken in miniscule amounts. The remedies are all-natural and pose no harm to baby (the worst that can happen is that they are ineffective). After tossing my cookies at least three times a week throughout the entire pregnancy I was willing to try anything! The remedies are given in a tiny pinhead-sized sugar ball that dissolve on your tongue, so even those that hate swallowing pills can take them with ease. Charlotte also offers a pre and postnatal homeopathy kit that contains anything you might need for healing and helping with breast-feeding for $650. It comes with a little book that explains how to use the remedies and, when in doubt, you can always email Charlotte for more guidance!

After my homeopathy session, I rounded out the day with a prenatal massage with Jenny. She talked to me first about my specific ailments (lower back please!) and then concentrated on them. The massage was done while I laid on my side, belly on a bolster, and legs slightly separated. Jenny moved through the areas that needed attention and I was left melting into the bed in a state of pure bliss! I wish baby was as soothed by the treatment as I was but he kicked the whole time (kids… what are you gonna do!)


The following week I returned for a hypnotherapy session with Fiona. These are typically used to guide you in self-hypnotizing so as to relax you through the birthing process. I have had several friends that have used this technique and were able to go drug free through delivery while others used it as an additional form of pain management with an epidural adding further assistance. Even if you are on the books for a scheduled C you can use the techniques to relax you pre-surgery and during the pain management afterwards.

The calming presence of Fiona herself was remarkable! After chatting for a few minutes about my fears and pregnancy concerns, I lay down on a table and covered myself with a blanket. From there, she guided me as I focused on different points, slowly becoming more and more relaxed until I honestly couldn’t tell which arm was which and felt like I had actually become one with the bed beneath me. I had told her beforehand that I have a fear of needles and tend to pass out whenever blood is drawn. She pinched my arm in the spot the needle would hit to the point where I told her it hurt and told me she would do the same once I was “under”. The first pinch hurt while the second I noticed and knew it was happening, but never really bothered me. She later told me that she had pinched me much harder the second time and, judging by the nail marks on my arm that evening, she was right! The best part is that the entire session was recorded and emailed to me! I have been listening to it every night via headphones as I fall asleep. Not only have I been sleeping more deeply but also I have been able to take the prescribed shots since with significantly more ease at my doctor appointments!


The only session I was not able to try was the Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy as I was too far along in the pregnancy. This treatment helps to align your uterus and pelvis, making sure baby is in the optimal position to be carried. This can help to alleviate the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and can even help bring a smoother and faster delivery!

Without a doubt I would recommend this package to all my preggo friends! The Sanctuary provides a space where you can speak freely about your concerns and the trials associated with pregnancy and provides many all-natural options to help remedy them. The environment is supportive and nurturing and I was left feeling connected and far more in awe of my body and what it was creating. In a crazy city like Hong Kong where we are always on the go and onto the next thing, it is important to schedule time to bring you back to your center and reconnect with what is truly important — especially when you’re busy creating a new little life!

The Sanctuary Prenatal Pregnancy Package: $3,988

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 9:30am-7pm, Saturday, 10am-5pm, Sunday by special arrangement only

The Sanctuary, 29/F, Unit 2905, Universal Trade Centre, 3-5A Arbuthnot Road, Central, Hong Kong,

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