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Sassy Mama’s Toddler Takeover: Makeup Edition

Sassy Mama HK Toddler Takeover Makeup Edition
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A little bit of powder here, add a shade of eyeshadow there, a dab of rouge and violá!

When it comes to painting a picture, our toddlers are not shy to use bold and bright colours with swooping strokes, quick jabs and painting outside the lines. We love their enthusiasm, their abstract skills and most importantly, the sheer joy they get out of it. In this edition of Toddler Takeover, our kiddos have taken over our faces as their canvases. Yup, we gave them free range over our mugs to swoop over with brushes, jab with mascara wands and “paint” outside the lines of our lips. Read on the see all the fun and then make up removal wipes that ensued…

Kat and Aiden

I love makeup. I wouldn’t say I’m a pro at applying it, but I love trying new products, different shades of lipsticks and the newest mascara that can perk up my wimpy lashes. I’ve mastered my morning make up routine down to five minutes! #humblebrag My three year old, Aiden is definitely the cheeky and curious monkey in our family and has asked to do my make up before. So when we decided to do this toddler takeover make up edition, he jumped at the chance and boy did he go to town. All I can say is that he went for a Jackson Pollock pointillism technique. I ended up with dots of foundation, eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick all over my face. I do have to say his application was on point (pun definitely intended!). I enjoyed removing it as much as he enjoyed applying it all over mama’s face!

Toddler Takeover - Make up on Kat

Julie and Emerson

toddler takeover make up edition, Julie's final look

I woke up this morning in desperate need of a layer of tinted moisturiser and a few dabs of concealer to cover-up my “tired mama look”. You know the one after a sleepless night tending to a teething eight month old baby? Instead, this morning looked a bit different as I traded in my streamlined and simplified beauty routine for a quick face wash before letting Baby Emerson take the reigns. She was in pure heaven, who knew makeup products make for the perfect teething toys. I experienced a little blush in the eye, trendy red lipstick on my cheek and a stab of mascara… well almost on my lashes. And voila, I present you with a glam new look for summertime styled by an up and coming makeup artist – Baby E. Thankfully, I am passionate about a clean and simple beauty routine as I am quite confident a little lip-gloss might have been ingested!

Makeup Toddler Takeover - Julie

Sabrina and Adam

toddler takeover make up edition, Sabrina's final look

I typically do my makeup when Adam is out of the room. I have learned that it is best for him to not see all the fun colours and shimmery powders that my kit contains. I once walked into find my bed, rug, walls, and son covered in foundation! If he does wander in he is allowed to play with a tube of clear mascara or Lucas Pawpaw ointment. Well, today all of his little artist dreams came true! I pulled out the crazy colour palates for him to create his masterpiece. He didn’t hesitate for a second and quickly grabbed a brush and went to work perfecting my look. He preferred dark purple and orange for blush and hot pink for the chin and forehead area. But the real stand out for him was getting to smash the fuchsia lipstick in my teeth, on my face, and in my hair, which is near impossible to remove, by the way! Even though we were both covered we managed to avoid any serious stains on the furniture which I was pretty impressed with! While not a look I would go out with, I understand that practice makes perfect though I am hesitant to let him practice on me for at least a few more years. We will stick to colouring books instead of faces for the time being.

 Sabrina's Toddler Takeover - Sassy Mama Makeover

Marilen and Sabie

toddler takeover make up edition, Marilen's final look

My daughter sees me putting makeup and I’ve caught her sneaking to try some on. Though she knows she can only wear makeup until she’s older, she’s still fascinated by it. I think of it as a great opportunity to teach her how important it is to take care of skin and look presentable. On some mornings I’ve discovered dents on my lipstick and a few pigments of colour on my dressing table. I’m sure she was curious again but it really is just play for her. I brought out my set of makeup brushes and a tray of makeup which on other days she knew I don’t allow her to touch. Sabie’s eyes grew bigger when she learned she would be putting makeup on me. I loved how she would hold my face with her other hand when she was applying the makeup. She was a little concerned about her errors and not applying the eyebrow pencil perfectly but I didn’t mind! I was just enjoying our moment. It was an awesome bonding activity.

Make up on Marilen - Sassy Mama Toddler Takeover makeover

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Give your toddler full access to your face and your makeup stash, snap a picture and tag us on Instagram with the hashtag: #smtoddlertakeover.
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