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Top 5: Luxe Accessories for Less

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Our shopping mama Katie takes us for a whip round the shops to find the best luxe-for-less accessories to tantalise your fashion taste buds!

Slice of agate anyone?
Advance Jewel is one of my favourite jewellery shops in Hong Kong.  I’m sure many would walk straight by but they’d be missing out on a veritable treasure trove. They stock superb statement pieces, in particular bib necklaces and chunky cuffs made from real agate but at affordable prices… Yay!

Agate Necklace HKD 400

Advance Jewel, G/F, Weswick Comm. Bldg, 147-149 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, 2866 3306

“Hello, Welcome to Zara”
While researching this piece, I came across this wonderful necklace (above) on Zara’s fab new website. Team it with a vest and hey presto a new stunning outfit… It says on the site it’s available in Hong Kong. So, I accepted my mission and trotted down to the Zara in ifc mall to be greeted by the Zarabots as soon as my big toe crossed the precipice only to be told by a head bot that it had “sold out”. Before I could ask, “Do any other shops have it?” she had vanished and then, could I find another willing bot? No, way Josebot. Not to be put off, I had to go to Pacific Place so thought I would duck into the Zara there only to be told by their Zarabots that they never had it.  If the bots can be programed to say “Hello, welcome to Zara” at the drop of a hat, why can’t they be programed to offer more information when a product is not available? Imagine how refreshing it would be to hear, “This item has sold out but let me just check our other stores for you”.

Anyway… Moving on, this glorious gold bling sequin wallet is available!

Gold sequined wallet 399HKD

Zara, IFC, Shop 1065-1075, 2234 7305

Mango Magic
I’ve always liked checking out Mango’s jewellery and their collection for Autumn/Winter doesn’t disappoint… Go on grab yourself a bit of Mango magic.

Earrings HKD 269

Mango, Pacific Place, location 118, L1, tel 2918 9313

Michael Kors, say no more

Does anyone else fixate on frivolous fashion items or is it just me?  This week’s object of desire is a Michael Kors Tortoiseshell Watch and by no means frivolous! In the name of research only, honest, I popped into the new Michael Kors store in the Peninsula Hotel shopping arcade to see how much this bit of wrist candy would set me back. It costs HK1,750 and as I say this was in the name of research as I’m always keen to see how much HK stores mark up compared to shopping in Europe, the US or online. If you buy online at this watch will set you back US195 (HK1,520), but if you buy online in the UK it will set you back GBP179, a whopping HK2165. So, I know we often moan about getting charged through the teeth for stuff in HK but HK compares quite favourably this time, more expensive than the US, but cheaper than the UK and at least you get instant gratification and don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the post. New watch anyone?

Michael Kors, Peninsula Hotel, Peninsula Shopping Arcade, Salisbury Road,

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Elasticated Belt HK250

Elasticated wide belts are popular again this season. Define your waistline with this fashionable Filigree Elasticated Belt (HKD250) which just for the record would set you back £15 in the UK (181HKD)!  Just don’t stop by the pork pie aisle on the way out.

Marks & Spencer, 1/F Central Tower, 22-28 Queens Road Central, Central, 3656 8323

That’s it for this week goddesses… Treat’re always worth it!

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