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Quick confession, we’re a little bit addicted to Instagram at Sassy Mama HQ and we have a funny feeling you might be too. From inspiring fashionistas to interior decor, our newsfeed is full of photos that we love to double tap all day long. So, whether you’re brand new to Instagram or are just looking for more inspo, we’ve got 19 Hong Kong Mom accounts that will make you fall a little bit harder for Insta.

Ann Krembs

Ann Krembs
This mama lives in Stanley Hong Kong and has an insta full of cool styles, yummy meals, and DIY projects we’re dying to try out. Ann is living the life and she’s not afraid to share it. Her motto is “Getting the Best Out of Life in Hong Kong” and her blog Kremb de la Kremb shows her doing just that! You won’t find pictures of her kids on her Instagram page though, they’re all grown up and posting on their own Instas now.

Annabelle Gunnersen

Annabelle Gunnersen
Mother of Pearl (no, really her baby girl’s name is Pearl and her beautiful blonde hair and sweet blue eyes truly make her a precious gem), Annabelle is the owner of “In House Furniture Interior Concepts” that is based in Melbourne, but now resides in the concrete jungle. You’ll find snapshots of her family, vacations, nights off mama duty and more on her Instagram page. If you are unable to travel as much as she does, you can live vicariously through her colourful and exciting feed.

Cara Grogan

Cara Grogan
Cara was featured on a That Girl post a while ago, but she’s a mama of a cute little girl now. She’s a model, TV presenter, businesswoman and most importantly a wife and a mama. Her new blog Catwalks to Cradles features anything that catches the fancy of this Aussie country girl. Fashion, beauty, family, travel, and food posts aside, we’re crazy about her DIY ideas. She’s also the owner of Genie Juicery if you’re thinking of doing a juice cleanse. From the looks of her insta, this mama is expecting another little bundle of joy. Find out more about her pregnancy journey and life as a mama in this The Bump post!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 17.41.17

Elizabeth Dearborn Hughes
As the CEO of Akilah Institute, a non-profit women’s college in Rwanda and Burundi, and Akilah Net, tech platform for careers in Africa, you wouldn’t think mama was under her job description as well. Despite having to divide her time between Hong Kong and Kigali, Elizabeth balances work and home life with such ease. Her passion for women’s education is so inspiring; you can listen to her TED talk presentation to see for yourself. She is definitely a Sassy Mama you want to follow!


Fé Valvekens
Just because you have a kid or two (or in this case three), don’t think that means you need to stop pursuing your own passions! This mama found her passion after becoming one, which was yoga. Fé Valvekens is a yogi, the founder of the chic yoga line “A Day with Fé”, which has a home in PMQ on Aberdeen Street. The elegant, feminine cuts and subdued colours, along with mantras embedded in the clothing make her line shine. Follow along to see inspirational quotes, beautiful yoga poses and everything to do with living mindfully. Be sure to drop by her store to grab some comfy active wear!

A Day with Fé. Shop: S502, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong, Tue-Sun 1-8pm


Gillian Thompson
It wouldn’t be a good idea to go on Gillian’s Instagram if you’re feeling hungry! She is an all round foodie from UK who now lives in the concrete jungle. However, if you’re looking for some cooking inspiration, head over to her recipe blog to see how she feeds her kiddos with easy and tasty dishes. During the day, she assists high-end British food producers to make their way into the HK market. You can learn more about what brands have been brought over on her site, and maybe look for The Mercers of Yorkshire jam the next time you’re in Marketplace by Jason’s.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 14.06.15

Ifat Hindes
Ifat is an Israeli-born Hong Konger who in addition to being a mama and a wife, is a chef and a photographer. She opened Choice Cooperative which is a massive healthy restaurant with an indoor playroom, perfect for the restless little ones! Ifat is a natural light photographer to turned her passion into a career. Follow her blog and Instagram for cute pics of her three little cherubs.

Jo Soo

Jo Soo Tang
Jo Soo is another Sassy Mama on this list! When Jo Soo isn’t chilling with her three kids, she’s busy being the Chairman of the Adventist Hospital Foundation! The Adventist Hospital Foundation is really close to this mama’s heart, and she’s involved in all of its projects to raise funds for a whole host of illnesses. She truly is the mama who does it all. Check out our coverage on Jo Soo in this That Mama post.


Karen (Just a Little Sail Boat)
Sometimes it’s confusing when someone says that she’s a mom… Are you a mom to a human or furry friend? It’s understandable; pets require a huge amount of love and care, just like us. Well, this mama that we’re following is one to an adorable Labrador Retriever pup, two kittens and a toddler. You can follow her for everyday happenings in a (semi-crazy) household with animal and kiddo pics to brighten up your day. She also has a blog and was even featured on our very own That Mama Diaries series recently!

The Bump Kate Sullivan 5

Kate Sullivan
Recently featured on our That Bump feature, this Sassy Mama is an actress, drama teacher, casting director, wife to That Papa Roger De Leon and of course a loving mama to adorable little Phoenix. She loves snapping pics of her little boy and helping her hubby promote for Little Burro (he’s the one behind all the cool décor). Her cute little family full of smiles and laughter will make you want to click the “follow” button in a flash.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.39.23

Kitty is the brains behind What Kitty Made, Hong Kong’s best sugar-free artisan bakery, giving us a healthy alternative to the run-of-the-mill unhealthy baked goods and pastries you find in Hong Kong. Expect to see lots of tasty, sugar-free muffins and bakes! Her recipes and healthy eating tips are an inspiration to all of us mamas. Why eat commercialised, mass-produced, processed foods when you can eat from What Kitty Made? As well as all things healthy food related, Kitty also posts handmade crafts and everything Hong Kong-related.

Lindsay Jang

Lindsay Jang
Food and fitness are two of Lindsay’s passions, and her Instagram is fitspiration itself! She’s the co-owner of Yardbird, the coolest resto in Hong Kong (check out  our review here). A couple of years ago, Lindsay was also featured in a That Girl edition on Sassy HK and a peek at her Instagram shows that she is looking fabulous as ever. Recently, Lindsay also co-founded Ronin, the sequel to YardBird and here is our review.

Maura Thompson

Maura Thompson
Maura is one of the Sassy Mamas who started it all. Maura moved to Hong Kong back in 2008 with hubby Paul and as one of the three founders of Sassy HK and the only one still in Hong Kong, she’s the Managing Director of the company. Her Instagram is filled with beautiful snaps of cute little Eve who is about to turn two. When Maura’s not at Sassy Mama HQ managing the craziness of all things Sassy, she’s busy being a great mama to Eve and stealthily sneaking in a quick mani for herself.

Norbyah Nolasco

Norbyah Nolasco
This mum of two is a polkadot lover who works vintage trends like no other. Norbyah is also a high school teacher and a fashion blogger! Talk about doing it all. Having grown up in Malaysia, Norbyah now calls the 852 her home but she won’t agree to being called a third-culture kid; the term is too restrictive for this spirited, cool mama. Follow her insta to marvel at her quirky style and get inspired by her cool jewellery. Norbyah is also travelling right now, and her Insta is sure to be filled with amazing snaps from out-of-town.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 17.09.34

Rebecca Jo-Rushdy
When Rebecca says “bao bei”, which is “precious baby” in Chinese, you might have to ask if she’s referring to her baby Naima Kaya or her online baby and mama gift store BaoBae is the place to go for shoppers who don’t have much time but need something trendy and chic to gift newborns to 10 year old kids. It even has its own Instagram! Like every mom does, you can find adorable pics of her little girl on her page, which will definitely put a smile on your face. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how fast time flies and you need those 10 snaps of her drinking juice!

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.30.30

Sabrina Sikora
Ever wonder who takes the most fabulous photographs for our That Mama or That Girl interviews? A lot of the time it’s super mom Sabrina Sikora! As a fashion and portrait photographer, blogger, model, founder of First Wife Studios, AND a mama to her little boy Adam, she seems to have it all! Her page full of fashion, beauty and model shots is her subtle way of saying “Mamas can do it all too!” Click “follow” now and get some fabulous fashion inspiration from her (we kinda want to steal her closet…SHH!!)

Shana Buchanan

Shana Buchanan
We are currently in love with the cute, chic and sophisticated décor pieces from iDecorate shop, an affordable luxury global brand based in Hong Kong. With so many fashion and style bloggers emerging, it’s hard to not want the same (or similar) room as they do. You’ll find your missing puzzle piece for your dream room here. Best of all, the brains behind this brand is a soon-to-be mama, Shana Buchanan, who fills her feed with fun pictures of her exciting life as a design entrepreneur. Search her up and be inspired by her sharp eye for beauty. Be sure to follow iDecorate on Instagram as well!


Simone Manley
Simone is a brit style blogger, interior designer, and a Sassy Mama through and through. Her Instagram is crafty and  colourful. Her blog, Lovingly Made, is the perfect mix of DIY, lifestyle and of course, food! Simone shows us you can be a fab mama to your little ones and still have it all. When Simone isn’t blogging and designing, she can be found writing for Sassy for everything from ceramics to baby products.

Screenshot 2015-09-21 00.19.40

Andrea Wada Davies
Andrea is a blogger, vlogger and an all-around nutball who likes to pull pranks and make ridiculous videos with her zany family. She is also the editor of Sassy Mama where she’ll have you know, she does NOT goof around. Her Instagram feed is full of fun, silly and WTF moments of her daily life with her toddler daughter, teenage son and fun-loving husband.

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