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#SoSassy: Rapper Ludacris Raps Llama Llama Red Pyjama, Jimmy Kimmel Shares About Son and more

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Trending videos this week…

We’re rounding up our favourite viral videos and trending topics that have us asking, “Have you seen this?!” to everyone we come across with. Take a look at our favourite picks this week – they range from hilarious to the heart-breaking variety. From classic bedtime stories to creative ways to help your kids get along to every parent’s worst nightmare (don’t worry, there’s a happy ending!)… it’s all here in this edition of #SoSassy.

Llama Llama Red Pyjama Freestyle

You’ll never read your bed time stories the same way again after checking out rapper, Ludacris’ spitting out the classic Llama Llama Red Pyjama by Anna Dewdney. With a bumpin’ beat in the background, I’ve definitely been adding extra swagger to each song I sing and book I read before putting my kiddos to bed at night. Trust me, this catchy rendition will be stuck in your head and make you move in ways you didn’t know how!

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Jimmy Kimmel Candidly Shares About His Son’s Heart Disease

Bust out the tissues mama, as there will be no dry eye when watching Jimmy Kimmel share about his newborn son’s heart disease. Putting aside his role as a comedian and talk show host, Jimmy shares firstly, as a dad about how devastatingly scary it was when finding out about his son’s heart condition hours after he was born. Thankfully for the Kimmel family, there is a happy ending. The overarching message Jimmy had was about the importance of coming together on the vital things like wanting your child to be healthy over whatever your opinion on other things may be. This video has gone viral in the last few days hitting over 8 million views and it’s no surprise why.

When Siblings Fight, Bring Out the “I Love You” T-Shirt

What do you do when your children start arguing? Some mamas might opt for time outs, others for taking away privileges, Alexis Tillman? She has a special “I Love You” t-shirt saved just for those sibling arguments! Her rationale? She wants her children to get along, let things go and stick to each other (pun totally intended!). Here are her kids in the t-shirt, slow dancing while holding hands to Gospel singers (and siblings!) Bebe and Cece Winans “I’m Lost Without You”. I love this method and am off to find a t-shirt for my kiddos!

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Featured image sourced via Power 106 Los Angeles Radio Station

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