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Week 17: Tips for Flying While Pregnant

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After going through months of not feeling well, I was both anxious and excited to embark on a two week vacation to Australia, a trip we had planned before we knew I was pregnant. As it turned out, the trip couldn’t have come at a better time. I needed a change of scenery and a change in routine. Since I was entering my 17th week (my 2nd trimester), I knew this was the perfect time to travel.

I had heard that flying could increase the intensity of morning sickness, so I needed to be prepared. I packed my carry on bag with ginger candies, ginger cookies, and lemon drops. I put on comfortable clothing (I was just starting to show) and slipped my motion sickness bands on my wrists. I was ready!

Tips for Flying While Pregnant

  1. Hydrate. I hate drinking (especially water), but I knew it was so important to stay hydrated on this 9 hour trip. An advantage to drinking a lot is having to use the bathroom frequently. This forces you to get up and stretch your legs!
  2. Wear comfortable clothing. Although maybe not the most stylish, I always like to wear loose, comfortable outfits like leggings and sweatshirts on airplanes…now I  have an excuse to do so!
  3. Invest in compression socks or stockings. These are the most uncomfortable things to wear and to put on. It took both my husband and me 10 minutes to pull them up, because they are so tight! They are supposed to help move the blood from your ankles to your heart and lungs. Honestly, I don’t know how anything could be moving through those tight stockings!
  4. Secure an aisle seat. It makes it much easier to get up to stretch your limbs or for the many trips to the bathroom.
  5. BYOF  (Bring your own food). Airplane food in general is not the most inviting, and you want to make sure you keep your stomach from getting empty by eating foods you know will make you comfortable.
  6. Loosen your belt. Seatbelts are super important but should be loosened and worn low around your pelvis.

The trip enabled me to try new and interesting foods, which actually tasted good for a change! Sightseeing was the best exercise, because I did so much walking. The distraction from my daily routine and forcing myself to go out and enjoy the fresh air was the best way to take a break from the awful morning sickness… It was just what the doctor ordered!

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