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Since becoming a mum three months ago my life has changed beyond all recognition, mostly all in a good way as I’m completely starry-eyed about the love of my life, my little daughter, but one thing I do miss is the ability to just run out of the door without spending an hour packing a bag and then having to lug a stroller around town! I wanted to share my two life-saving yummy mummy essentials which I totally can’t do without, and I’d definitely recommend if you’re preggers, a new mum or looking for a gift for a mum-to-be.

My first must-have is a truly great diaper bag. Let’s face it, most diaper bags sold in Hong Kong are totally hideous, and even though designer brands such as Anja Hindmarch do their own great versions, I never sprang for one as they just weren’t quite my style. My mother-in-law though gave me a Pink Lining bag recently, and I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say it has totally changed my life. These are simply the best-ever-designed diaper bags, and are apparently all the rage in London and New York. The name of the company comes from the signature hot pink lining that the bags have inside, and they are full of perfectly-sized pockets and features (like an adorable change mat) to handle the huge amount of STUFF (diapers, milk, muslins, bibs, change of clothes, dummies) that come along with babies. The design of the bags are fun and don’t take themselves too seriously, with little embroidered “Yummy Mummy” and “Blooming Gorgeous” sayings across their front pockets. As yet Pink Lining don’t have any Hong Kong stockists, but you can order online and they are around US125. I can’t rave enough about these bags, from their laminate coating to their sturdy handles, so go get one!

My second life-changing accessory has been my Baba Luna Baby Sling, which are available from Bumps to Babes in Central (HK549). This is also a product originating in the UK, and unlike most other slings where you need to spend an hour watching a youtube video to even know how to put it on, is just a one-piece which you can just throw over your shoulder, pop your baby in and go. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to be the “baby-wearing” type, as in most other matters I’m not terribly Earth Mother-ish, but this sling totally sold me on the concept, and is very practical for Hong Kong life when strollers can be a real pain to wrangle. They come in cute colours (I have lavender but love it so much I’m considering picking up the hot pink version too). The Baba Luna Sling is also great for carrying your baby in when you’re riding in taxis, as I feel a lot more secure knowing that she is tucked in safely with me rather than bouncing about dangerously in my arms. I’m going to be giving these to all new mamas who cross my path.

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