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For Your Diary: Sassy Mama’s Guide to the Best Holiday Events in HK, 3D Astronaut Show, Cyberport Weekend Market & The HK Winter Mega Showcase

The main event is nearly upon us and the question on everyone’s lips is… have you met Santa yet? If not, we’ll tell you exactly where to find the Big Man himself in the only Christmas events guide you’ll need this year. If you have excess seasonal shopping stamina then we tip our hats to you, and the 10th Annual Hong Kong Winter Mega Showcase, with its various retail, kids and book zones should definitely appeal. For more sedate last-minute shopportunities, we’ll be heading to the Cyberport Weekend Market. And finally, if rockets are more exciting than reindeer at your place then head Kowloon-side for the brand new Astronaut 3D exhibition at the Space Museum. 

Christmas is Coming!
What: Sassy Mama’s Guide to the Best Holiday Events in HK
When: Now til 25 December
Why Go: If your little elves have written their lists and decorated the tree and are now tapping their toes impatiently, how about some fun festive events to whet their appetites for the big day? And Santa’s going to find out who’s been naughty or nice sooner or later, right mama? Meet him at these specific locations around town. …more


3…2…1…BLAST OFF!
What: Hong Kong Space Museum 3D Astronaut Show
When: Now til 31 December
Why Go: Inspire future space explorers with this critically-acclaimed 3D spectacular that shows them what it takes to be an astronaut. …more

Head Over to Cyberport
What: Cyberport Weekend Market
When: December 22 – 26
Why Go: There will be over 50 bazaar booths, a fun-filled parent-child farming session & even a creative upcycling workshop. Special programmes include the HEXbug Spider Maze Competition & The Powder Room Fashion Show. …more


Seasonal Shopportunities
What: Hong Kong Winter Mega Showcase
When: 23 – 26 December
Why Go:  The 10th annual Mega Showcase features lots of different zones loaded with goodies and activities galore –including a shopping zone, a winter book pavilion, and a kids zone. …more


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