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A Diaper Bag with an Afterlife: Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs

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Bopping around Pacific Place today on a mission to find a new catch-all tote, I accidentally picked up not one, but two diaper bags…in two separate shops…not knowing they were diaper bags.  It was downright spooky – they didn’t scream “baby” at all.

You know what this means?   It means that if you are in the market for a diaper bag that doesn’t look like it’s full of Huggies, you may be in luck.  Added bonus?  These will carry you beyond the carrying-diapers phase.

The Barrow Street Anabel Baby Bag, Kate Spade – HK$3,100
Kate Spade – Pacific Place Shop 211 (Level 2)
Named for one my favorite streets in NYC’s West Village (just around the corner from my old Christoper Street apartment….sigh), this charming Kate Spade number is well-appointed and roomy, plus it has a waterproof lining and is super lightweight.  The shape is elegant, and the oversized bow, while girly, comes off as fresh with its bold stripe.  It comes complete with tons of side and interior pockets, a matching changing pad, and cute little coin purse (I love extras like that…).  And if the pink is a bit too much for you, a very sensible black option is also available.

(Want to see more from the chic Mrs. Spade?  Click here for a look at the complete line of super style-y baby bags.)

Eliz-a-baby, Marc by Marc Jacobs – HK$2690
Marc by Marc Jacobs – Pacific Place Shop 206 (Level 2)

Another fashionably-functional diaper bag – from Marc Jacobs of all people.   Offered in a range of prints, the Eliz-a-baby has an absolute ton of pockets throughout – inside, outside, small, large…everything will have its place, I promise you.  We love that it has the double shoulder straps, but also the longer detachable and adjustable strap – perfect to sling across your body as you trudge uphill (which I always seem to be doing in Hong Kong).  A matching changing pad is also included – fully branded in the signature Marc Jacobs print, of course.

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