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Sassy Mama Book Club: The Natural Beauty of Hong Kong

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So many people complain about Hong Kong being nothing but a concrete jungle but actually, we’ve got city living at its best with country parks on our doorstep. There aren’t that many cities in the world where you can get out to the countryside within 15 minutes of the city centre.

And to help us remember just how lucky we are and what we have access to is acclaimed photographer Luiz Antonio Souza, who has published a stunning book called The Natural Beauty of Hong Kong. In it he takes you on a  photographic journey through a landscape that is visually impressive as he explores the territory’s magnificently diverse landscape of unspoilt islands, coves, beaches, mountains and cliffs.

Hong Kong photography book

Starting at Tai Po Kau Forest Reserve, the author meanders towards Tung Ping Chau, then down through Crooked Harbour, Double Haven and the mouth of Tolo Channel. He takes us to the ruggedly beautiful high island coast and the outer islands of Rocky Harbour before venturing to the spectacular Ninepin Island group. The journey picks up again through southern Hong Kong Island and the south coast of Lantau, before ending up in Inner Deep Bay and Mai Po marshes, where countless birds stop to rest and refuel during their long spring and autumn migrations.

We’ve been captivated by Souza’s images and his visually stunning exploration of this often overlooked side of Hong Kong. It’s a great gift for both long-time residents and newcomers alike and would make a wonderful Christmas gift, wouldn’t it?

The Natural Beauty of Hong Kong,
Luiz Antonio Souza
Available at all major booksellers.


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