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Sassy Scoop: Antenatal Classes, All-New 4D Ultrasound and Toddler Training For Your Helper At Annerley PLUS a Discount For You!

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Let’s be honest; pregnancy can be a tricky time for many of us. The birth of a new baby is a life-changing event, and there’s just so much to consider. How to cope with sleep deprivation, the impact on our bodies, the cost of raising a child and even choosing the right name; all of these have the potential to send us into a hormonally-charged meltdown (and that’s just before breakfast!)

That’s why Annerley have always been a Sassy Mama fave. Not only are the fully trained team experts in the field of early childcare and maternity, but they are also reassuringly calm, delivering helpful information in an easy to understand and friendly way, and soothing our frayed nerves in the process.

Annerley run a range of antenatal classes for expectant parents to get the lowdown on just what to expect when that little visitor finally comes a-calling. Whether you’re a first timer or an old hand needing a refresher; opting for natural delivery or a C-section; hypnobirthing or traditional pain relief, there’s a class for you.

Already popular elsewhere in the world, we were super-excited to hear about the brand new 4D ultrasound that’s landed in Hong Kong courtesy of Annerley. Offered in addition to the usual diagnostic scans, this really is the application of technology at its most human. With crystal-clear images of those teeny-tiny features, this is a truly remarkable way to bond with your baby before their birth, and to include dads and siblings in the excitement.

Of course, all too soon that precious image on the screen is a rambunctious toddler, ready to test your patience just as merrily as they test the strength of your iPad with their foot. Whilst we’re incredibly fortunate here in Hong Kong to have helpers, full-time toddler-taming can be draining even for the most dedicated carer! Annerley’s Helpers training programme focuses on looking after littlies between the ages of 1-5, dealing with hot topics such as tantrums, potty training and fussy eating. Sessions share strategies that are endorsed by the World Health Organisation, UNICEF and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, so you can be sure your helper is getting the most professional training available. New classes begin on January 28, so make sure you book your slot now!

Sassy Mama Exclusive Discount: We’ve managed to snag you a 10% discount off Annerley’s helpers training programme, 4D Ultrasound and Antenatal Classes! Simply quote ‘Sassy Mama’ at the time of booking to receive your discounted price.

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