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Ask Mel: Making Christmas Special for your Helper

christmas gifts for helpers in hk
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Create a memorable Christmas for your helper

At Sassy Mama HQ, we can honestly say we can’t do what we do without the support from our helpers. So we asked our expert Mel from Helpwise for meaningful ways to appreciate these wonderful ladies for Christmas. 

My helper does so much for us throughout the year. How can I make Christmas special for her?

The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to pause and express gratitude to your domestic worker. Who doesn’t love to be remembered and acknowledged during the Yuletide season? Here are a few ideas for adding some cheer to your helper’s Christmas.


Written praise can be a very meaningful gift. Consider writing a thank you note to your helper, or maybe ask your kids their favourite things about your helper and jot them down in a Christmas card for her. If your helper is traveling home for the holidays, you could even send her with a letter for her family, telling them how much you appreciate your helper’s sacrifice and hard work.


Whether you’re making memories or making cookies, involving your helper in Christmas activities helps everyone to get in the spirit. Find some crafts online that your helper can do with your children, or create DIY decorations for the home and make some extras for your helper to send home to her family too. If you’re making Christmas cookies for colleagues or friends, consider making a batch for your helper’s friends as well.


Of course, tangible gifts of any size or price range are always welcomed. Get creative and put together a stocking full of your helper’s favourite snacks (ask your kids if you’re not sure what to buy! They often have insights into your helper’s preferences that you may be unaware of), or think about a need she may have whether that be a long distance call card or a new winter jacket. For an additional spree, provide her with a gift card to go shopping for some new outfits to wear during the holiday season.


Will you be watching Christmas movies as the holidays draw near? Or shopping at any fairs or bazaars? Remember that your helper may enjoy being included in these types of festivities in some way. And if your child will be performing in a play or concert, ask if you can reserve an extra ticket for your helper, especially if she’s the one who has been taking your child to and from all the classes or rehearsals. It could be very rewarding for her to witness your little one’s special moments.

Keep in mind that gifts don’t have to be large or expensive to be memorable. Sometimes little things end up being the biggest blessings.


Happy Holidays!

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