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Dealing With Your Period In Hong Kong Just Got Easier

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That’s because, thanks to Bare Essentials, Lil-lets are now available here!

Ladies, dealing with your period is something that we’ve all got used to over the years, but it’s fair to say that sometimes it’s not the easiest in Hong Kong. That’s because the choice of sanitary products available in supermarkets and chemists here isn’t quite as extensive as we would like. Add to that an often limited selection of sizes, which can create unnecessary stress around what’s already a tricky time of the month! But thankfully that’s all about to change, because Bare Essentials has brought a trusted British favourite to the 852. So you’ll now find a massive range of Lil-lets exclusively available on its website.

So why did Bare Essentials decide that Lil-lets was the right choice for its online store? Well, Lil-lets has long been a favourite for the amount of choice it offers. Its SmartFit tampons were originally designed by a female gynaecologist in 1954. This probably explains why they cleverly expand width-wise and offer protection for up to eight hours, so there’s no fear of any pesky leakages. They are available in Lite, Regular, Super, Super Plus and Super Plus Extra (in fact Bare Essentials is the only stockist of the Super Plus and Super Plus Extra sizes in Hong Kong). You can also rest assured that safety is a top priority for Lil-lets too. Its products aren’t made with chlorine bleach or brightening agents and its tampons are free from dioxins.

beauty bare essentials lil lets tampons

It even has a specific line for teens that your daughters will thank you for buying. These pads and panty liners are cleverly-designed with younger bodies in mind (and the fun packaging is a plus point too). There’s even a handy advice section on the website, with tips on how to talk more openly about periods with your tween or teen. If you’re a new or expectant mama, its maternity line will be a lifesaver. It offers extra-long, super-absorbent pads that come with an adhesive backing and wings for extra security.

And we have to mention the huge choice of tampons – you can take your pick between non-applicator, compact applicator and cardboard applicator, so it really does cater for each and every female! There’s also a choice of pads and panty liners to suit your needs, whatever the day of the month.

Now you know you never need to worry around that time of the month again, here’s how it works. You can order online from the Bare Essentials website as needed and can even request emergency delivery within 24 hours! Alternatively, opt in to its subscription services so that your chosen products are delivered to your door once a month (how’s that for convenience!). You can pause your subscription twice a year (for holidays etc.) and of course can cancel at any time too. No more scouring the supermarkets or stockpiling sanitary products on trips home for us!

 There’s free shipping for Sassy Mama readers, simply enter the code Sassy19 at the checkout stage.

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