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Get Set For Christmas: Here Are Your Santa Questions Answered!

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Because kids say the darnedest (and cutest) things!

How do you deal with the dozens of questions that you may get asked about Santa Claus, reindeer, elves and stories of naughty and nice children? Besides the endless queries from excited kids, you may also have to answer a few cynical ones from non-believers! As our Christmas gift to you, we decided to have all your Santa questions answered by a bunch of kids themselves. The answers are adorable and innocent, and will have you believing in Christmas miracles all over again!

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Have you ever met Santa?

  • No, but I know what he looks like! He has black boots, a black belt, white around his boots, red trousers and a white beard! – Huxley, 5 years old
  • Yes, I did! When I went to Finland. – Neil, 4 years old

How does Santa deliver presents to all the children?

  • He makes present with the elves and then gives them with Rudolph at night time. He has to enter through the chimney. – Otis, 5 years old
  • If there is no chimney in Hong Kong, he will come in through the balcony. – Eve, 6 years old
  • He has a sledge (sic). He knows our door code so he comes through the front door. – Richard, 4 years old
  • He parks his sleigh outside the door and comes through the door. It never flies away. – Vidit, 3 years old
  • He can come down the wall. He climbed down the wall in our school! – Maaya, 6 years old

How does Santa know who’s naughty and nice?

  • He has elves, so they tell him. – Neil, 4 years old
  • Santa’s elves have the power to become small and invisible to anyone except Santa. They tell him who is naughty and who is nice. Santa also knows everyone’s names. – Anahi, 6 years old
  • He makes a list with his elves. If you’re naughty, you can’t have them. But I’m not naughty! – Otis, 5 years old
  • If you don’t sleep early, you don’t get presents because you’re being naughty. – Oliver, 4 years old

What does Santa do after Christmas?

  • He has to take care of his reindeer for the rest of the year. – Maaya, 6 years old
  • It may be Christmas in some other part of the world? He will go there. – Ved, 4 years old
  • He sleeps because he’s really tired. – Connor, 5 years old
  • He goes back to the North Pole to make more presents for the next year. – Oliver, 4 years old
  • He goes for a picnic. – Arya, 3 years old
  • I think he goes on a holiday and visits the world throughout the year so he knows where to deliver the toys on Christmas. – Eve, 6 years old

Is Santa real? How do you know?

  • Yes, he is real. He gave me a Transformers watch. The watch is real, so he is real. – Ved, 4 years old
  • Not yet. Only during Christmas, he becomes real. – Yashiv, 3 years old
  • Yes, I saw his red T-shirt on my bed. – Connor, 5 years old

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Illustrations courtesy of Mehr Rajput for Sassy Media Group, with graphics courtesy of Getty Images.

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