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The Benefits Of Hygge: All You Need To Know About The Nordic Lifestyle

The Benefits Of Hygge
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Time to take a break from the hustle and bustle, make yourself a hot cocoa and master the art of cosiness!

From sending the little ones to school, to finding the perfect dinner recipe, the Mama life is all about making every second count — but maybe it’s time to ditch the Marie Kondo-esque lifestyle for a bit. Instead of making sure everything’s perfect, Hygge (pronounced as Hue-geh) encourages finding comfort from the way things are. Sound good? It’s time to slip on your favourite pair of sweatpants and get cosy (we’re talking candles, hot chocolate and comfy PJs!).

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What’s Hygge?
Why Hygge?
How to get Hygge-d

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The Benefits Of Hygge

What’s Hygge?

Imagine all things simple and cosy. Derived from the Norwegian word for “wellbeing”, Hygge is a Danish-Norwegian concept that cannot be directly translated to English. Today, the term refers to the feeling of cosiness from appreciating the simple things and moments in life (like snuggling in bed with a warm cup of Chamomile tea!).

Lately, Hygge has evolved into a lifestyle and décor trend that celebrates the rawness of nature with simplistic designs. As a forgiving way of living that allows you to sit back and live in the moment, Hygge is perfect for the always-busy mama.

The Benefits Of Hygge

Why Hygge?

From getting better sleep to developing self-compassion, here are some (of the many) benefits of this much-loved lifestyle!

Anxiety relief
Being a mama is all about ticking things off our to-do lists, and it’s about time we change that! The Hygge lifestyle encourages unwinding from the busy lifestyle and finding your own space at your own pace. Being in a comfortable area can help us feel in control of our surroundings, making us feel safer and less anxious.

From freshly-washed sheets to your morning cold-brew, Hygge encourages being thankful for our surroundings. This is because appreciating the little things in life allows you to live in the moment! Gratitude is the key to happiness and Hygge is a great way to start being kind to yourself and others. So, grab a pen and notebook and start writing about what you’re thankful for today!

Better sleep and fewer stress hormones
Us mamas are no strangers to sleepless nights. To truly embrace Hygge, give yourself a “me day” — start off by telling yourself it’s okay to take a breather. Add a few drops of lavender oil to your hot bath, grab your favourite book and hit that guilty pleasure playlist (and a glass of Pinot too, perhaps?). Caution: you’ll find yourself immune to muscle tension and prone to an irresistibly good night’s sleep!

Trust and intimacy between family and close friends
Hygge isn’t just a lifestyle trend – it is a state of mind for living in moments we treasure. Too pseudo? Think taking the kids to the park and playing fetch with your dog. Hygge invites and welcomes togetherness. When we turn off our phones and tune in to life, we’ll find ourselves open to more quality time with those around us.

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The Benefits Of Hygge

How to get Hygge-d

While there are no rules to Hygge, here is some inspo for kick-starting that cosy lifestyle!

Get (candle-)lit!
Candles are a staple of the Hygge trend! So, if aromatherapy is your thing, try out a plant-based essential oil candle. If you prefer not to use scented candles, getting an unscented white candle is still a perfect way to tone down the artificial brightness and immerse yourself in the state of tranquillity. For mamas with younger kids at home, electronic room diffusers and organic pillow sprays are safer alternatives to traditional candles.

Everything soft and comfy
Staying at home is easy, but there’s an art to feeling at home and truly embracing the Nordic lifestyle. From soft pillows to cosy throws, soothing textures can help create a welcoming ambience in your home space. For a fun bonding moment, switch into matching PJs with the kids and get snug amidst some thick sheets for a night-time story sesh!

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Grab a book
From a self-development paperback to a fashion magazine, reading something you enjoy is the perfect cure for a hectic day of work. To really go for that Hygge life, we recommend reading The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well, a perfect go-to guide for being on-trend!

Make some comfort food
While ordering take-out sounds convenient after a long day of work, the smell of freshly baked bread is also equally therapeutic and perfect for relieving stress. The best part about a baking (or cooking) session? Not having to strictly follow the recipe. Besides, what better way to spend quality time with the kids than a fun family bake-off? If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require too much prepping and cleaning, grab your favourite mug and make yourself a cuppa. Hygge is all about enjoying the simple things in life and doing whatever makes you happy!

Get some fresh air!
Add a bit of Hygge to your life by connecting with nature for a breath of fresh air! Undoubtedly, home is where the Hygge is, but going for a hike or even just biking to work are great ways to be present in your surroundings and practice mindfulness (it’s also a perfect excuse to ditch your phone!). So if you’re not blessed with seasonal allergies, it’s time to stop and smell the roses.

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