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Dagis – Get the Little Ones Outdoors and Having Fun!

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It can be easy to live a very “indoors” life in Hong Kong with kids – though we all sign up for lots of activities with our little ones, we tend to shunt them into high-rise buildings for classes and inside sports halls and dance centres for their fitness activities. Enter Dagis – a Swedish (doesn’t that make you feel healthier already?) program that’s new to Hong Kong, with an approach to learning and having fun based on exploring the outdoors.

Classes began on January 31st and the term runs until March 30th so there’s still time to get your kids signed up! Based at Chung Hom Kok playground and beach, only moved indoor (to Stanley Sports Centre) if the weather is very bad, your tots will engage in storytelling, structured physical activities, creative expression and supervised free play. They’ll also be provided with a healthy lunch or snack, depending what session they do.

Dagis has sessions suitable for children aged between one and five years old, whether Swedish or English-speaking. Founder Mia tells us, “By learning not to be afraid of sand, insects, dirty knees etc etc, my hope is that Dagis will help children to pursue an active outdoor life style later on in life.”

Email [email protected] for further information!

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