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Ocean Park

Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong’s homegrown aquatic theme park has an amazing underwater display that will boggle and delight in equal measures. Manta rays, hammerhead sharks and beautiful rainbow-coloured wrasse take pride of place in the Grand Aquarium, alongside a backlit jellyfish display reminiscent of a lava lamp. Ocean Park also hosts a huge variety of seriously quirky non-aquatic specimens! From the world’s smallest monkey, via cute capybaras (the world’s largest rodent!), to penguins, arctic foxes, snowy owls and pandas you’ll get your fill of furry and fishy friends here. And if you get bored of fabulous creatures, there’s always thrilling rollercoasters, fun children’s rides… not to mention a hotdog or two! Avoid the craziest crowds and go midweek if you can.

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