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Every year companies try to find an innovative way to make themselves stand out. OWN Academy is the future education solution with a strong focus on personalisation, connected learning and career life planning. That’s everything you want, right mama?

They believe that every student is smart in their OWN way, and OWN Academy empowers each growing bub to take ownership of learning through curated exploration, individualised experiences and self-discovery.

And as an extra special this summer, they’re offering two unique products within their OWN Summer program:

Personalised Summer: FREE 1 on 1 consultation, tailer made! Your little one can say what he or she enjoys learning, and together the curator will assess which skills to further develop during the summer.

OWN Inspirational Summer Camp: Partnering with the Finnish Chamber Education Committee in Hong Kong and Finnish education company Polkuni, OWN Academy came up with a 6-Day sampler camp. They develop leadership, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, exploration and more!

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