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Pack Up Your Bags For Boarding School

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Thinking of signing up your tween for a truly unique Easter week experience? Look no further than our very own backyard for a week away with Coast to Coast Education at Harrow International School.

Ever fancy a proper British boarding school experience (think Harry Potter-esque) for your kiddos but you’re not sure if they’re ready for it yet? Well let’s be honest, maybe it’s our mama hearts that are not ready to send them across the pond just yet. Perhaps we can ease some of those worries with the many benefits to boarding school which include cross-cultural exposure, growing in independence, learning a new language, meeting people from all over the world and so much more!

Coast to Coast Education has been the leading education provider in the UK that offers residential language courses for students every summer since 2009. They are extremely successful in creating memorable experiences for students through academic excellence, improving their English as well as making lasting bonds with people from around the world. Here’s some good news for you, mama! You can put off packing your child’s bags for the long haul to the UK for now and pack for a trip up to the prestigious Harrow International School in Tuen Mun instead.

The first of it’s kind, Coast to Coast Education is offering an authentic British boarding experience over Easter so students (aged 10 – 14) can get a taste of living away from home and see if it’s something they’d want to try again! The set up is the perfect combination of living away yet in a safe and nearby environment.

Coast to Coast Education prides itself in making sure every student is fully cared for with a 1:5 staff to student ratio. There is a strong focus on sports (including international tennis coaches from Europe!), team building activities and an incredible curriculum that encourages proficiency in English especially through collaborative projects designed to build confidence.

There will be three different areas of focus offered during the Easter camp that include general sports, elite tennis coaching as well as photography and dance. Students participating in each strand will come together during the camp to focus on their English language, helping all course participants to develop their speaking, reading and writing ability, no matter what their level is. The camp runs from Saturday, 26 March to Saturday, 2 April. With limited spaces and three different programmes within the course, make sure you sign your child up before spots fill up!

The experience gained will be invaluable and will give both parents and students a sense of their readiness of wanting to apply to boarding school or university in the UK. Above all else, they will be sure to make lasting friendships and have an incredible week!

Brought to you in partnership with Coast to Coast Education

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