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Free-flow Drinks and Homely Fusion Food Unite at The Bottle Shop Brunch

Bottle Shop Central Sheung Wan HK Review
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An exclusive unlimited drinks deal for just $100!

Whether you’re a crispy-bacon-and-eggs-lover, or a fluffy-pancake-stacker, there’s bound to be something to satisfy you at The Bottle Shop. In our (perpetually hungry) city that never sleeps, it’s no surprise that we’re constantly on the lookout for meals to kickstart our mornings…

first impressions
With a laid-back vibe, friendly staff and a homely feel, we were fans as soon as we stepped into this quaint spot. Though the space is on the smaller, intimate side, it’s split into sections to craftily display the international craft beer collection. As the name suggests, that’s what the place specialises in.

The bottle shop brunch - coffee and tea

the drinks
Are you ready for the best bit?

Sassy Mama PerkAs a special weekend bonus, our friends over at The Bottle Shop are offering an exclusive unlimited drinks deal for just $100! With two house taps of craft beer, house red, house white, plus their irresistible coffee and tea selection all available. The offer lasts for 100 minutes (beginning from the start of the table tab) and is available from 9am to 3pm every Saturday and Sunday till Sunday 20 November. Simply mention “Sassy Mama” upon arrival and start sipping away!

Given that it was 11:30am on a workday, we (sadly) had to pass on the bottles and bottles of beer this place is known for! Though we did get to sample their heavenly hazelnut and vanilla infused beers straight from the tap, our afternoon meetings meant that we ultimately settled on coffee and tea.

Our Sassy Partnerships Manager, Surmayee began with the chocolate mocha, made with Raiz the Bar chocolate. As heavenly as liquid chocolate is, I was still set on my drink of choice: the Red Flat White. Caffeine-free and flavour-full, this new discovery of Rooibos was just my cup of tea (pun intended). The modest staff admitted that they were still working on improving their “coffee artwork”, but we drank it so quickly, we barely had a second to notice.

the food

the bottle shop brunch HK brioche and eggs
For self-proclaimed food enthusiasts (all hands up at Sassy HQ!), ordering a couple of meals to share might work out best.

The Spicy Baked Eggs were first to arrive. With a tomato-base, chunky chorizo, and generous dollops of creamy goats cheese, this dish merged the comforting elements of chilli with a laid-back brekkie feel. The unique combination of flavours, paired with fresh brioche, is a complete contrast to your classic “egg and toast” option.

the bottle shop brunch HK, sweet brioche
The sweet Fried Bioche with Kaya was every bit as glorious as it sounds. Soft, sweet, fluffy and filling: this one ticked all the boxes. To top it off, the fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries cut through the sweet maple syrup and copious amount of kaya (for all the coconut lovers!). Though I’m not personally a Vitasoy fan, the pana cotta was nice and light, and definitely brought about nostalgic memories of growing up in Hong Kong.

the bottle shop brunch HK - pandan pancakes

Think “thick, stacked, traditional pancakes”… with an upgrade that happens to be bright green. Yup, Pandan Pancakes. This one was an extra dish we knew we couldn’t leave without trying. Three main dishes between two people? No problem! Fresh berries, nata de coco coconut jelly, Happy Cow dairy-free ice-cream and salted palm sugar syrup. Though I would ask for the red bean paste on the side, it didn’t overpower the other flavours like we thought it might. After shamelessly stuffing our faces, we admitted that these were some of the fluffiest pancakes we’d ever had!

They even served little pots of freshly made yogurt and honey as an after-meal. Perfect to calm post-sugar-palettes.

the verdict
We loved that this was a meal we really couldn’t (read: wouldn’t be able to) make at home. With cute, colourful, rustic presentations, intriguing combinations AND an exclusive unlimited drink option, this fusion spot is a new favourite. So if you’re looking to try some fun flavours and catch an irresistible drinks deal, don’t miss the brunch at The Bottle Shop.

The Bottle Shop, 15 Bridges Street, Central, Hong Kong,


The Bottle Shop is celebrating their 1st anniversary for their Central location on Wednesday, 26 October. Make sure to RSVP here or click attending on the Facebook Event to join in the fun!

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