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Celebrate With Sense And Style: Eco-Friendly Party Favours

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Do this precious earth a favour as well.

We all love our kids and want them to feel special every day, more so, on their birthdays. No wonder that their parties are becoming increasingly grand affairs. While that might temporarily be on hold for now, once restrictions are lifted, you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to go all-out with the birthday celebrations for your little one. Please do go ahead and have a blast (the kids and you have earned it after months of being cooped indoors!), but do it with some care and sensitivity to the environment. We’ve rounded up some of the cleanest, greenest and most eco-friendly party favours (and winning gifts if you have party games) that you could hand out to friends and family who celebrate with your child.

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Educational And Essential Items

No learning ever goes to waste and so, educational toys, books and school supplies are always a good idea. Of course, it’s always good to reinforce the sustainability message so look for toys with minimal or no plastic, lead paints and other harmful materials. We love the Pop-Out collection at Petit Bazaar, quiet books from Little Bean’s Toy Chest and Smart Mama, wax crayons from Plastic-Free HK, stainless steel bottles available at most zero-waste stores and the schoolbags and pouches from Smiggles.

Things That Children Can Grow Or Build

Want kids to fall in love with nature? Get them to grow their own little herb garden. Nothing reinforces the sustainability message more than caring for their own plants. DIY nursery kits, pot-and-plant sets and young saplings from the Flower Market make for great return gifts at parties.

Alternatively, you could also give activity sets where children have to construct their own STEAM toys, playhouses, imaginary cities, robots, etc. These kits usually take a fair amount of time and patience and will be treated with love and respect by children.

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Handmade Gifts

This one will be a challenge for your birthday baby, but one that’s well worth the effort. Get him or her to make something personal and handmade for all guests attending the party. Depending on your child’s age, independence and artistic abilities, these could range from simple cards to photo frames to pencil holders (made from recycled tins and bottles in the house). It’s great for their fine motor skills, concentration and even for the most basic but essential life lesson that everything (and everyone) important in our lives deserves special attention.

Party Activities Cum Favours

If you have planned a party where children do a certain activity and make something, don’t redo the wheel and plan yet another party favour. Let them know right up front that what they make is what they get and you will be surprised to see the dedication they put into the activity (even if they don’t, they will love anything that they have made themselves!). At an artjamming party, let their own canvas be their gift, their own sculpture at a pottery party and a lightsaber or robot at a STEAM-themed party.

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Gift Exchange

Consider this a Secret Santa but for birthday parties. Set a budget and some pre-conditions (no plastic toys, no use-and-throw items, etc.) and ask all those attending the party to bring in a gift and drop it into a big bucket. As each child leaves, he or she dips into the bucket and pulls out a return gift to take home. That way, the birthday baby and all friends are on exactly the same page – plus, there is an element of surprise for all involved.

Experiences And Vouchers

One of the nicest things you could gift a child is an experience to be enjoyed with family or friends. Depending on where you decide to host your kid’s party and who you call as the entertainer, you may be able to come up with an experience voucher as the return gift for all party attendees. Another option is to buy a gift card from a bookstore, toy shop or clothing label to use when needed. You could also subscribe on the child’s behalf for activity kits, toy libraries, etc.

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