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Applications Open: Bilingual Education with British Council International Pre-School

British Council International Pre-Scool HK
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British Council International Pre-School ticks all the boxes!

As mamas, we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest places to help our children grow into the brightest version of themselves. With the final stretch of summer behind us and the big kids back at school, we’re now thinking about how our precious toddlers can grow from strength to strength, and stay supported throughout their education…

We’re sure you’ll be the first to agree that it’s true: when it comes to our kiddos, only the best will do. So if you’re looking for a preschool that ticks all the boxes, British Council International Pre-School may be just what your family has been searching for. These experts are committed to providing each and every student with an engaging bilingual education. Global citizens? Tick! This preschool is all about helping parents raise inquisitive, confident, responsible and independent thinkers (phew!). Let’s be honest, we could all use a helping hand. Led by highly-qualified teachers with extensive experience of Early Years education, we trust that our munchkins will be in good hands.

Diverse, inclusive, open environments aren’t easy to find, so we’re thrilled to hear that British Council International Pre-School uses the UK-based International Primary Curriculum (IPC), delivered through a Full Immersion Bilingual Programme. If that isn’t laying the foundations early, we don’t know what is! Wondering what a “Full Immersion Bilingual Programme” really means? Their classes are taught in English and Chinese so students develop a language skill set nice and early. With daily Mandarin time, and more lessons dedicated to Lower Kindergarten (K2) and Upper Kindergarten (K3) students, they gradually increase the language learning as the budding bilingual students’ ability advances. Frankly, that sounds pretty perfect to us!

With a goal to teach our impressionable little learners everything from thoughtfulness, inquisitiveness and adaptability, to resilience, cooperation and communication, all we’re wondering now is: where do we sign up? Well, fear not mama, applications for Nursery (K1) to Upper Kindergarten (K3) for the 2017-2018 academic year are now open!

Come meet the Head of School and their wonderful team of teachers at their Open Day! With a variety of fun-filled games and activities organised for children (aged between two to six), little ones can enjoy dancing and prancing around the music room, an obstacle course in the gym area and dress-up time at the drama corner. Meanwhile, parents can learn all about how the preschool utilises the UK IPC, the full immersion bilingual curriculum, and all about the application procedure and admissions criteria. All you have to do now is register here – simple!

So what are you waiting for, mamas? Get sorted nice and early, and take the stress out of the whole school situation with British Council International Pre-School…

Brought to you in partnership with British Council

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