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Meet Joey: Smart Baby Journal App for New Parents and Parents-To-Be

Auxilia’s Joey App: Smart Baby Journal for New Parents and Parents-To-Be
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Being a parent isn’t easy… Joey is here to help

It’s no surprise parents (and expecting parents!) are constantly in search of ways to understand their baby better and get peace-of mind when away from home. If you’ve got a newborn on your hands, any extra support is welcome – which is exactly why we were keen to hear more about Auxilia’s Smart Baby Journal, Joey, promising to meet the needs of mums and dads in Hong Kong.

Auxilia was founded in our city by passionate parents who experienced the challenges of balancing work, life and raising kids. The duo saw an opportunity to make parenting easier through strategic design and easy-to-use technology. One thing led to another, and eventually, Joey was born!

Joey is a smartphone app that reinvents the baby journal for the modern family. It allows parents (and multiple caregivers!) to record and monitor their baby’s daily activities and development milestones simultaneously. In fact, the entire family can stay connected in real-time and access information about their little ones’ health from anywhere in the world. An ideal way to give you peace of mind when you’re away from home.

Joey modernises baby care and empowers new parents to make good decisions that impact baby’s health and happiness, whilst also being able to record those precious first moments and share them quickly, easily and privately amongst the extended family. As a patent-pending cloud-based solution, Joey empowers parents to securely record and retrieve health-related photos, milestones and memories anytime and anywhere in the world. No more forgetting or leaving the baby book at home when talking to medical professionals!

Auxilia’s App, Joey, is now available on iOS devices and coming soon to Android devices, for free! Premium features include the ability to record phone-free while you’re on the go on your Apple Watch or Android Wear wearable (coming soon through a monthly subscription).

Brought to you in partnership with Auxilia

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