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Baby Signs Hong Kong: Teach your tot sign language!

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Every day has a milestone – that’s what I’m learning as a new mom.  One of the latest developments with little J is that she’s mildly obsessed with her newly discovered voice.  She is almost constantly making sounds…squawking, squealing, giggling, singing, imitating patterns of conversation…it’s amazing.

In her own little way she’s communicating with me, the taxi driver, Sophie the chewable giraffe (who is perhaps her first best friend…)…really anyone who will listen.

It’s widely recognized that communication is the heart of child development, and while kids don’t generally start talking until around 2yrs, loads of research tells us that they actually have the ability to communicate much earlier than that – the production of speech lags behind the cognitive ability to communicate.  Enter Baby Sign Language…

Children can generally begin to learn sign language at between six and eight months of age – around the time a baby can hold a gaze for several seconds. So it’s a little early for us here – J’s just shy of 4 months – but I’m already scouting out options.  And so you don’t have to, here is a bit to get you started:

Baby Signs Hong Kong offers a number of classes – introductory workshops; Sign, Say and Play Classes; and even workshops for helpers.


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