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Get your Hands on the Freshest Groceries from The Fresh Supply Company

The Fresh Supply Company HK
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Top quality groceries for the family, and a gift voucher worth $500…

So the kitchen cupboards are looking a little more sparse than usual, and the fridge is really only holding enough for dinner tonight, and packed lunch tomorrow. We’ve all been there. Though the bright idea of eating out seems suddenly appealing, the only thing that’ll really satisfy your appetite is a nice wholesome, homemade meal. Know the feeling, mama?

If you’re looking to source good quality, nutritious food, in an easy, cost-effective and stress-free (that’s right, we said stress-free) way, then look no further! The Fresh Supply Company sources restaurant-quality produce direct from importers, completely cutting all the extra costs, and ensuring top-notch groceries. That’s not even the best, bit! The part we love the most is that we can sit on the sofa happily sipping on some orange juice (we might be running low on fruit…), and order it all online. They deliver three times a week, so you can expect your fresh crate as soon as the next day. Hooray!

As you’ve probably guessed by the name, these experts are all about bringing us the freshest supply available. These fruits and veggies haven’t been sat on shelves like in other supermarkets, so you can be sure that the shelf life is longer, meaning that the taste is better. No more frantically checking expiry dates whilst trying to scan the supermarket aisles for your little runaway. Phew!

The Fresh Supply Company was founded earlier this year, by two college friends who saw that the Hong Kong market didn’t offer a convenient and affordable way to buy fresh food. With all the glorious food this city does offer us (we don’t complain often!), it’s a shame that finding good avocados and blueberries can be such a task! It seems silly that we regularly pay extra for imported produce, when the quality and availability are so often inconsistent…

Well, don’t stress, mama! With over 400 varieties of specialty produce to choose from, The Fresh Supply company is bringing all hungry mamas of Hong Kong access to a carefully curated selection of consistently top quality produce at super competitive prices. Plus, we’ve just heard that they’ve now introduced premium imported meats and seafood too. Oh, and don’t worry about those difficult-to-find products always on the back of your mind – The Fresh Supply Company specialises in sourcing it all for us! They even partner with small, local businesses (like Bad Food Gone Good and Anything But Salads), and hope to soon become a one-stop shop for all fresh food shopping in Hong Kong.

Sassy Mama PerkAs a special treat, all you Sassy Mama Readers can enjoy HK$50 off your first order by using the discount code “SASSYMAMAHK” at checkout. And as an extra bonus, The Fresh Supply Company are EVEN giving three lucky mamas gift certificates worth $500 to use on the online store. Simply fill your details in the form below for the chance to win!

Yup, that’s right, The Fresh Supply Company is a saviour whether you’re a master chef, or a complete kitchen-dodger (hey, no judgement, mama!). For all those times when you don’t have enough hours in the day to get your groceries bought, and all those days when you don’t have enough hands to handle carrier bags, your solution is right here! Trust us, once you try what they have to offer, the quality will speak for itself…

Brought to you in partnership with The Fresh Supply Company

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