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Women’s Day Special: How To Properly Compliment A Woman

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And we’re not just talking about her appearance!

So often, when a woman is praised, it isn’t for her work, intelligence, strength, leadership, loyalty or humour. Instead, compliments tend to be given based on looks, how well she is groomed, how dedicated she is as a wife or mother and such. While we all love to be complimented on our appearance (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?!), there is so much more to notice and appreciate about all the amazing females around you! So we asked the ladies in our office about the best compliments they have ever received and why they were special. Take note for the next time you want to properly compliment a woman you love and admire!

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Compliment given to Maura Thompson, Co-Founder, Sassy Media Group

A few years ago, I gifted my mum a special experience. Once a week, she was emailed a question and after a few months, all her answers were compiled into a special book for Mother’s Day. I loved the idea because it’s a great present for someone who likes to share things or write. What I liked, even more, was that one of the questions my mum was asked was about her kids. When asked what she liked most about me, she said – “Her unfailing family loyalty.”

This was really special to me because, when I moved to Hong Kong 12 years ago, I made a commitment to myself to always keep my strong connection to my family. I work really hard to make sure that we stay connected, despite being so far away, and that compliment made me realise that all the effort really pays off, because now I know how much it means to my mum too. If you ask me what I’d like to be remembered (or noticed) for, it would be for being someone who really cares about people.


Compliment given to Jess Mizzi, Editor, Sassy Mama Hong Kong

My friends have often complimented me on my organisational skills. So much so that, after a recent holiday, a few gave me the nickname – GSD. Any guesses what that means? Someone who knows just exactly how to “Get Sh*t Done”! I’m not sure how much of a compliment it is, but I’ll take it!

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Compliment given to Vicky Huffey, Managing Director, Sassy Media Group Hong Kong

The nicest compliment I have ever received was that I’m very non-judgmental and great in a crisis. It was really nice to hear that because everyone needs someone they can lean on at times. The world is often too busy or too wrapped up in itself to give people space to be themselves, good or bad. As a professional (and even in my personal life), I want to be remembered as someone who is supportive and caring, and fair with people.


Compliment given to Emily Chu, Partnerships Manager, Sassy Media Group Hong Kong

I was working with a new potential client at my previous company. He had no idea about building websites or the design process so I spent a lot of time addressing his concerns, answering his many queries etc. It went on for quite a few days. At one point, he asked me whether I owned the company. He was surprised to find that I was just a staff member and added that the owner of the firm was really lucky to find an employee like me.

It made me happy to know that my effort was being appreciated and valued. A little patience on my part, explaining what seemed like simple concepts, went a long way and meant a lot to this client. I like to be noticed for going the extra mile for friends, clients or family.

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Compliment given to Sam Book, Marketing Manager, Sassy Media Group Hong Kong

I’ve been told multiple times that the Shakespeare quote ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce(from A Midsummer Night’s Dream) applies to me. So much so, that my Grandma sent me that quote on a bookmark a few years ago after a visit to Stratford-upon-Avon.

I have to say I quite like that quote or compliment! I grew up in a family full of tall boys and have been called the “bossy’ girl” on many an occasion. I’m proud of being fierce and love the idea of being compared to defiant, rebellious Hermia!


Compliment given to Anita Balagopalan, Editor, Sassy Mama Hong Kong

Though he isn’t given to many displays of affection, my husband once paid me the nicest compliment! He said the most attractive thing about me was my madness and that he hopes our kids inherit it.

I wasn’t sure if it was a back-handed compliment, so I asked him what he meant. He says that my madness gives me the ability to find humour in any situation. I don’t stay angry, depressed or disappointed for too long. This keeps me from taking life, or myself, too seriously. Another thing he mentioned is that it’s almost as if my quest for the ridiculous often lands me, and those around me, in unpredictable and funny situations. The compliment was rather special to me because I often say that if I could channel any author, it would be PG Wodehouse. My husband believes that life with me is often like living in the pages of one of his books.

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