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Mama-about-Town: Baby Loves Blck Brd, The Sanctuary on Arbuthnot Road and Blooming Bellies!

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Hi Mamas!

Is there ever such a thing in Hong Kong as NOT a busy week? If so, I haven’t had one yet… It’s all go here behind the scenes at Sassy as we’re working on some fabulous changes to unveil soon. In the meantime, we’ll keep chugging the coffees to bring you the hottest news on what’s happening in Hong Kong!

Last weekend I persuaded friends with a toddler the same age as my daughter that we really should go down and check out the Baby Loves Disco event happening at Dragon-i. Direct quote from my husband: “I didn’t know it was possible to make Dragon-i worse“. Fill it with screaming, hyped-up kids wielding hockey sticks, play super-loud music and make the lights flash, that’ll do it. We beat a retreat as soon as it was possible to drag the littlies off the dance floor and as we were in an alfresco kind of mood, headed to Blck Brd on Lyndhurst Terrace (which featured in Sassy’s top bars off the beaten track in Central) for a cheeky glass of wine. Turns out, Baby might not love disco, but they love Blck Bird! With its baby-proof terrace, great selection of wines, beers and charcuterie options and chilled-out staff, this could be the new parental Sunday afternoon hangout (though not sure they’d appreciate me advertising it as such!).

For my experimental activity this week, I went along to the newly-opened The Sanctuary on Arbuthnot Road to try out Sekhem Healing – a little like Reiki, Sekhem sessions involve the practitioner channeling healing energy to your body. Surj, my therapist, was absolutely lovely, and very patient with my probing questions. As I lay down and Surj moved her hands above my body (touching lightly on my feet, legs, hands, shoulders and head) I definitely felt a sense of deep relaxation — so much in fact that I ended up falling asleep! The Sanctuary is a gorgeous space with wonderful views, so I highly recommend trying out a class there or a therapy session. Check out the different options they offer on their website. And stay tuned for my full review coming soon…

If you’re looking for inspiration for the weekend, check out Sassy’s guide to the Top 5 Beaches in Hong Kong. There might be some you haven’t been to before, and fingers crossed the rain holds off. I’m also having private fantasies of going on a detox retreat like the one that Jaime went on recently to Kamalaya in Koh Samui… Have a read about her experience and tell me you’re not jealous! We’ve got a deal partnership going with them too so you can get yourself a bit of a bargain until the end of the year.

Lastly, if you’re a mama-to-be, then you’ll want to know about Sher’s in-home massage services for pregnant ladies through her company Touch HK. Sassy Mama blogger Natalie tried it out and LOVED it – check out her review here. And don’t miss the next Blooming Bellies event at The Mandarin Oriental which is for both pregnant ladies as well as new mums. Check out the details here!

That’s it for this week mamas!

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