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That Mama: Aparna Bundro

That Mama Aparna Bundro
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New startup mum-trepeneur, Aparna Bundro launched Legi-Slate Ink to assist law firms and corporates with their business development, communications and writing needs.

Spotting a niche in the market for mamas striking out on their own and companies with lean BD budgets – Aparna Bundro has produced bespoke written content for boutique law firms, leading digital technology providers and governmental bodies, amongst others, all the while keeping costs low. Leveraging the upswing of the bell-curve on start-ups and outsourced projects, she uses her background as a lawyer and a writer to formulate external communications strategies for new start-ups and whip text into shape.

Taking on projects that sweep the gamut from drafting speeches, to editing annual reviews to putting together thought leadership programs and press releases; she also overhauls content for websites and can help with any copywriting needs that you have. And for other mums out there who are looking to launch their websites, which are still in utero or a work in progress – she can help create text that is punchy, innovative and pegged for the right target market. Bundro has additionally helped other mum-trepeneurs draft content for their new websites and aspiring authors craft text for children’s stories… so if any of you have an untold children’s tale waiting in the wings – she can help with any of your ghostwriting needs.

That Mama Aparna Bundro

Tell us about yourself and what brought you to Hong Kong…
Hong Kong has always been home as I was born and raised here. I’ve lived in the UK, Singapore and LA (where I met my husband) but we returned to Hong Kong in 2011 after my son Dylan was born. Having family and built-in friends here was the main catalyst for returning to the 852  – but having live-in help was a big incentive as well!

What inspired you to start Legi-Slate Ink? Can you tell us more about what you do?
The name Legi-Slate Ink is a tip of the hat to my legal experience, the word Slate suggests that I’ve started a new chapter and the Ink is obviously a play on words, but signals the importance of the writing aspect for me.

I am an avid reader and writer and love playing with words so that they spark the imagination. I set up Legi-Slate Ink to provide written solutions to help mum-trepreneurs and aspiring authors ghostwrite children’s stories, and produce content for their websites. Whether you are telling a story, seeking to elevate your company’s profile or presenting a pitch, we curate premium content that is aligned with your goals.

Competing in an evolving market is critical to surviving in our current landscape – so mamas and start-ups in general have to ensure they put their best foot forward in terms of content and delivery. For companies marketing a product or service, knowing their own differentiators and unique selling points and presenting these in a compelling way can mean the difference between crashing and burning and longevity in the market.  That’s where we come in. Legi-Slate Ink is a one-stop concierge for all writing, editorial, communications and marketing needs.

In addition to writing and editing stories, articles, blogs, newsletters and e-bulletins, we help start-ups and bigger organisations’ elevate their profiles and boost returns on investment by crafting and executing communications and business development strategies. For more information, you can reach me at: [email protected]

That Mama - Aparna and her writings

What was your career path before starting Legi-Slate Ink?
I am a Hong Kong qualified lawyer (solicitor/advocate) with almost 10 years experience in commercial and shipping litigation. After discovering that my real passion lay in writing and communications, I spotted a niche in the market for outsourced business development and writing needs, and carved out a space to help professionals draft adaptive content, put together thought leadership campaigns, marketing collateral, social media, events, blogs, newsletters, e-bulletins and articles.

Aparna working mum with Dylan watching

How do you balance having a successful career while also being a mother?
I think having your kids see you working can have a positive effect on their self-esteem and psyches. Walking the line between career and motherhood is definitely challenging; there are days where you are running on empty and you know your child is not getting the best of you…. So you naturally compensate over weekends. But I personally like that I have an extra quadrant in my life that is my own.

Any advice for aspiring “mamapreneurs” or other working mums in Hong Kong?
If you have an idea and can corner a niche in the market, don’t worry about having to bootstrap in the beginning – just launch your business. Also talk to as many people as you can about your work. There is only 1- 2 degrees of separation in Hong Kong and this is the best way to leverage word-of-mouth.

Mamas on the go always struggle to find time to do everything on their list. How do you save time? Can you share any organisational tips and tricks?
I’m very lucky that we’ve managed to triangulate home, my office space, and my son’s school all on Old Peak Road (I was born at Canossa too so the apple hasn’t fallen far from the er… hospital.) With Dylan going to Glenealy, I match his school timings as much as possible with my office hours.

Aparna working living room

Can you tell us about how your career was pre-baby as compared to post-baby?
I never realised until I tried to combine a full time job with motherhood that you need to work as though you don’t have a child  – and raise your child as though you don’t have a job.

What do you do to get in that much needed “me” time?
There are days where you want to tear your hair out – as kids seem to have only two volumes: Metallica or Mute – but taking time for yourself is sanity-saving. Booking a 30 minute spa session or going for a tete-a-tete cappuccino with a good friend can really help.

That Mama Aparna playing with her son Dylan

What’s your favourite thing to do with your son, Dylan, in Hong Kong?
I love swimming with my son. We get to race and play and its fantastic exercise for the body and the mind.

What do you find to be the most challenging part of parenting?
Tough love. Saying no when they launch a charm offensive!

What are your favourite spots to eat at with your family in Hong Kong?
My new favourite spot to eat as a family has to be Butcher & Baker.  It’s huge by Hong Kong standards, it has a fun playroom to keep our monster entertained and a massive family friendly menu. The whimsical space feels like you’ve been caught between The Sound of Music and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

What’s the best advice you’ve received as a parent? Worst advice?
Children are our better angels. So treat them that way, with respect, love and kindness.

Aparna playing with son Dylan

Something that you wish someone had told you about motherhood?
That the conversations you have with your kid can’t be bested.

How do you keep the romance between you and your husband alive with such a busy work and family life?
Frequent date nights and as many stay-cations as we can manage. With my parents living 5 minutes away, we can pull off a few a year. Dylan gets to spend some QT with the ‘rentals and we get a guilt-free weekend away.

Favourite date night spots?
Wooloomoloo in Wan Chai has always been a red-letter spot for us. We both love steak and grabbing a few pre-dinner cocktails to take in the skyline on their terrace. We’ve also become heavyweight fans of Chom Chom lately.

As a mama, I wish I were better at…
I wish I was better at building and role-playing with him. I’m not hard-wired in the same way as his Dad is to create towers out of Lego or build fortresses and go camping under the dining table but I try and make up for this by encouraging him to dream big, unleash his creative side by story-telling abilities.

That Mama Aparna and her son Dylan

I wake up in the middle of night thinking about…
What kind of job Dylan will be able to get after he graduates given that the world is constantly changing. Will he get to ever invent his time-travelling machine with “lots of nuts of bolts?” Schools, parents, and Big Data has made the world uber competitive. 

Bedtime is always smoother when…
You’ve Jedi-mind tricked them into thinking that getting a good night’s rest is a good thing.

My favourite moment of the day is…
I’m no morning person by any means but I am high wattage with smiles when I see Dylan first thing – especially when I get a big cuddle and a “jo sun” with it.

One thing I won’t sacrifice as a mama is…
I will always make time for fun dinners with good friends, cheeky cocktails and date nights with the hubster.

I always feel saner after…
A holiday.

I wish I had more time for…
All the things that Pinterest suggests I should be doing with Dylan – like science experiments, elaborate arts and crafts activities and a billion apps I should be downloading to broaden his horizons, tickle his curious bone and ignite new interests. I wish I had time to do all these things but if I manage to cook his dinner and read him a story and (bonus round) get him to tell me about the highlight reel of his day, I’m #winning.

Even when my son is grown and has a family of his own, I’ll still…
Crave his cuddles.


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