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Personalised Antenatal Care That’s Flexible And Tailored To You

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Make your antenatal appointments work for you with Matilda’s new pay-as-you-go system.

Having a baby is a whirlwind experience. From the moment you find out you’re expecting, no doubt your thoughts will go to the wellbeing of the tiny little person-to-be, and you’ll want to find a team of professionals whom you can trust to know exactly what they’re doing! With decades of experience looking after mamas-to-be, Matilda International Hospital will take care of you and bump throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Known as one of the most exclusive places to give birth in the world, Matilda International Hospital has the most incredible location on the Peak with a world-class medical team to boot. The hospital has expertise in health screening, women’s health, orthopaedics, ear nose and throat, and general surgery, and your antenatal care is no exception. Designed for your convenience and comfort, the new antenatal care service can take place at either the Outpatient Department of the hospital or the conveniently located Matilda Medical Centre in Central.

matilda international hospital private antenatal care

As every expectant parent can tell you, antenatal care bills and receipts can creep up without you even realising, but this service offers you the opportunity to see all costs and options up-front so you can tailor your antenatal experience exactly as you wish. The service (which commences at around week six to week eight of pregnancy) includes the option of 13 antenatal visits, starting from $1,980, and covers:

  • All the essential blood tests
  • Down syndrome screening
  • Oral glucose tolerance and Group B strep tests
  • Standard antenatal check-ups and basic ultrasounds
  • Plus, the doctor’s fee at predetermined fixed charges.

If a balance of private and public care is your wish, this service is ideal for you. With competitive, pay-as-you-go prices, you don’t have to sign up for a full package, so you can get the best of both worlds – private antenatal care alongside the public system. The beauty is that you get to choose the care that works best for your situation! What’s more, Matilda International Hospital is the only private hospital in Hong Kong to offer this flexibility, simply adapt this unique pay-as-you-go system to match your needs.

Matilda international hospital private antenatal care

Whilst antenatal checks are important to detect any abnormalities or development disorders in mama or baby, Matilda offers more by giving couples guidance, advice and emotional support throughout the journey into parenthood (it is life-changing, after all!). The Matilda team will guide you from the start of your pregnancy, right through to the delivery and then aftercare support in the form of personal home visits.

You can feel comforted through these uncertain times with the hospital’s excellent international standards, and experience personalised, top-notch care at this private hospital. We’re sure you’ll want to continue with the team for your delivery as well, to feel reassured with a familiar face when the big day comes!

What: Matilda International Hospital’s new antenatal care service
Where: Outpatient Department of Matilda International Hospital at the Peak, or Matilda Medical Centre in Central
Contact: Booking or enquiries: Patient Service Centre, 2849 0355, [email protected]

Matilda International Hospital, 41 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak, Hong Kong, 2849 0111, [email protected],

Matilda Medical Centre, Suite 502, Prosperity Tower, 39 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, 2537 8500, [email protected],

Brought to you in partnership with Matilda International Hospital. All images courtesy of Matilda International Hospital.

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