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One of the things I love about the mama community in Hong Kong is the incredible support that I have seen for families who need a little love and help sent their way. So this week, I would like to start by sharing a story I recently received from a personal friend of mine who is helping to spread the word about an 8-month old boy named Hunter who needs some good old HK support.

Sweet Hunter has a rare disease called Nemaline Myopathy (he is 1 of the 2 confirmed cases in Hong Kong), which is a congenital condition that can make even the mildest infection life threatening. He spent his first 5 months in the hospital and during the recent Christmas season, Hunter’s condition resulted in a 9-week hospital stay. He struggled to get off the ventilator he needed to breathe due to the lack of respiratory physiotherapy support in the public healthcare system. Knowing that Hunter needed more than his hospital could give him, a campaign called Help for Hunter was started to help the family. With the help of so many fabulous donations, Hunter’s parents were able to get Hunter to breathe on his own by employing a special paediatric respiratory physiotherapist.

But now after much back and forth Hunter’s parents have realised that their Hong Kong story must end as Hunter is still very sick. They need him to be in a place that has the resources and experience to treat someone with his condition (not to mention clean air). They will be moving their whole family to Australia at the end of March and the Sydney Children’s Hospital is ready to receive this little guy and start treating him.


A little help from the community

But moving with someone as sick as Hunter is not an easy task. Hunter needs a medical escort team as well as medical equipment to make sure he stays safe and healthy during the long flight and permanently when he lands. And now the Help for Hunter campaign will continue to help his parents so they can bring their little guy to Australia as safely and comfortably as he deserves.

And so, fellow mamas, my hope is that if this story touches you as it has touched me then you can learn a little more about Hunter’s journey through this Facebook page and perhaps consider donating a little something to help Hunter as he transitions to the next phase in his journey.

And if nothing else, let’s take a moment and send positive thoughts to him and his family because even though we are losing this cutie to Australia, his story will always start in Hong Kong and so to me, he is part of our community.

If you would like to donate, you can do so here.

Thinking about Hunter and his strong fight has me hugging Eve a bit tighter lately. So this week I am going to take a break from telling you what I got up to, as it all seems a bit trivial at the moment, and keep it just about Eve:

  • We are officially on the school train! Miss Eve started at Woodland Pre-School last week (Wrigglers class). My big hope for her is that she learns to finally say ‘mama’. This little one is holding out on me big time with saying that word!
  • One afternoon after work Eve and I went on a field trip to check out the new Funzone in North Point. If you are familiar with Funzone in Kennedy Town then this new location caters more to the younger crowd (1-3 years old I would say), which was just perfect for Eve.

IMG_8417We will be having a Mama Meetup here towards the end of March so hope you can come to check it out for yourself! Evie will most likely be hanging out in the ball pit (one of her favourite spots!) so make sure you come and say hi to us!

  • We had Sunday brunch at Continental, which is in Admiralty, by Pacific Place. We wrote about this spot in our recent Food News Flash and it is now a new favourite of mine for brunch with the kids. I love the décor and it is child-friendly as well but in that ‘I still feel sophisticated sort of way’. They had plenty of high chairs and when we sat down our table already had plastic cups and utensils for each of the little ones. I didn’t see a kids menu but we were able to get by with ordering eggs off the regular menu for Miss Evie.

As always, I’d love to hear from you so just shoot me an email at, or RSVP to our Mama Meet-Up at FunZone! Hope you can make it!

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