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My Mama Wardrobe: Elle from Central Dance Studios

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Elle Kealy is the founder of Central Dance Studios in Central, where you can take all kinds of dance classes – we’re big fans at Sassy Mama! She tells us what she wears to hang out with baby daughter Havana, and her love of shorts and high heels…

What is a typical day in your life like?
Busy! I’m up at 6am with my daughter Havana and we have our ‘playtime’ together until I have to work at 9am. Then I work from home until lunchtime unless we have dance rehearsals or meetings. 3 days a week I take Vana to activities with other mums, and maybe a lunch catch up. In the afternoons I’m in the dance studio working on projects then back home with Vana by 6pm before chilling out in the evening. If we have a dance performance on then I might be out once a week at an event in town.

What is your go-to style/uniform?

I love a nice pair of skinny jeans and a jersey t-shirt, maybe with a leather jacket or suit jacket. When I was pregnant I just bought bigger sizes and a pair of maternity skinny jeans! In the summer I’ll swap the jeans for shorts.

What always makes you feel good when you wear it?
I have a pair of 7 For All Mankind Jeans that are sooo flattering. They have a slighly higher waist than the normal hipsters I wore before I had Vana so they hold in the baby bump perfectly!

How do you dress in the evening versus the daytime?
I’m not a big fan of dresses and skirts, so I just tend to glam up with accessories and make up. I love make up. I’d much rather go crazy with some neon eyeshadow and liner and keep my outfits low key than pull on a cocktail dress. I also love heels, so my secret in HK is to take a pair of flats out in my bag so I can walk down hill!

How has being a mama changed your personal style? (if it has!)

I realised last week that my wardrobe is full of items I hate. So I went on and spent a fortune getting back my pre-baby look! Being pregnant left me with a summer wardrobe of leggings and baggy tops. Now I’m back in shape, I’d say my style is the same but I have less time to pull it off. That’s why internet shopping is so fab! I can’t trawl Soho with Vana but I can trawl the net.

If you could change one thing about your wardrobe/style, what would it be?

I just wish I had a better eye for buying outfits instead of pieces. Nothing I own goes with anything else in my wardrobe.  I’m obsessed with turquoise. I need to stop buying everything in that colour.

What are you always searching for?
Heels that are the right height. Small enough to walk around HK in, tall enough to look hot! I have size 40 feet so I end up buying all my shoes in the UK when I’m back there. HK is a nightmare…

Where do you shop in Hong Kong?
I hate to say this, but the usual places… Zara, Mango, H&M. Urgh. That’s why I’m such an fan. Did you know you can also get delivery from Topshop in the UK to here? Brilliant.

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