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30% off Enrolment at Peterhouse International Preschool – The New School On the Block

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They say that your mind is a sponge when you’re young – it’s the perfect time to grasp those all-important ABCs and 123s. There’s a new school on the block that’ll help your bubba begin their all-important school journey in just the right way: Peterhouse International Preschool. Right in the heart of Causeway Bay, your tiny tyke will fit right in with all the other kiddos!

Offering the best programmes for little learners, Peterhouse International Preschool has got the best curriculum with the best teachers from the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. With a focus on Whole Person Development, Peterhouse’s programmes have been carefully designed with the goal to cultivate little minds into well-rounded people who excel physically, mentally and emotionally with the best chance at future success possible. Programmes include Sponge Learners (for rolly-polly’s aged 6 to 10 months); Bright Minds (for infants aged ten to 18 months); Smart Littlies (for tots aged 18 to 24 months) and Shining Stars for children aged 2 to 3 years old. So, a perfect place for your nippers to make a well-rounded and holistic start to their early education and get them ready for admission into pre-primary schools.

We’ve just got to share the highlights of each programme with you, mamas, as we’re sure you’re keen on signing your bambinos up to Peterhouse International. The best bit for Sponge Learners has got to be the baby massage. It’s all about their physical bodies developing at this stage, so work on strengthening your tiny tot’s muscles, improving their digestive and immune systems and most importantly, enjoy those moments bonding with babe.

For those in the Bright Minds programme, they’ll surely work with the teachers on brightening their minds! The art and craft element will get them doing simple matching on worksheets and colouring in (it’s not just for adults!). They’ll also be exposed to an early reading system and word recognition, which will help them in preparation for Pre-Nursery interviews.

Smart Littlies will surely feel like a pair of smarty pants as their exposure to math clustering familiarises them with Times Tables and Equations. And, they’ll be introduced to phonics. They’ll focus on a letter each week, while the Shining Stars’ phonics programme goes in a bit more detail, focusing on a letter each fortnight. They will also participate in the Oxford Reading Tree early reading system and receive foreign language exposure through listening to foreign music in class.

Sounds good, right, mamas? We’re all about developing our child’s mental, physical and social well being with the amazing teachers at Peterhouse International. And if the school’s outstanding teaching approach and curriculum isn’t impressive enough, Peterhouse International’s founding advisors regularly hold workshops to share tips on Pre-Nursery or K1 interview techniques.

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Aren’t you Sassy Mamas a lucky bunch? Peterhouse International are offering a free interview training class and 30% off first-time enrolment for a minimum of 8 lessons. You better redeem this one fast, mamas, as it’s exclusive to Sassy Mama Hong Kong! Simply present this post/email to the staff at the school before Thursday, 31 December, 2015.

Peterhouse International Preschool, 7/F, Eton Tower, 8 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Tel: 3955 8043,

Brought to you in partnership with Peterhouse International Preschool

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