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Plat du Jour: Family Friendly Dining Perfect for Tiny Bites

plat du jour review
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Casual French fare perfect for the whole family!

Pacific Place is popping up with all sorts of trendy new eateries these days, so we MTR’d over to Admiralty to try Plat du Jour, in their easy-to-find location in the atrium-style lobby.

Plat du Jour atrium

first impressions

I’m not normally a fan of restaurants that open onto the ground floor of a mall, but Plat du Jour has successfully created a very cosy bistro-like atmosphere in the midst of one of Hong Kong’s most popular malls. With a striking red food truck to one side and plant-lined “outdoor seating” on the other, it’s actually quite the inviting entrance.

plat du jour indoor seating

As we walked up, the friendly staff greeted us immediately and began leading us back to our table. The delightful Maître d, Marlon, took the time to talk to our daughter and mentioning that he had his own little princess at home and he hopes that the restaurant is relaxing enough for adults and flexible enough for families with kids. He also pointed out how the outside seating area even has enough room for strollers to be parked nearby (now that’s something you don’t hear every day in Hong Kong!).

the food

plat du jour, chicken liver parfait
Up first for the adults was “Potted Chicken Liver Parfait”, and although the name didn’t initially make my heart jump, this tasty appetiser ended up being a favourite for all three of us (yes, even my 7 year old!). The pinot gris jelly gives it a brightness and sweetness that you don’t expect and the Pinot Grigio served alongside it was a perfect way to start the evening. My daughter leaned over to steal a bite and she ended up saying “mmmm good”, and if you can get a kid to “mmmm” over liver, well… enough said.

prawn risotto

The Italian red prawn risotto was up next and paired nicely with Sauvignon Blanc. I’m a sucker for risotto, and this one was cooked just right with ample sauce which always wins points with this American palate. The shrimp seemed a bit overpowered by the risotto, but then again, maybe I was still distracted by thoughts of our surprisingly tasty first course.

I was excited to see tortellini on the menu, so I was looking forward to the chicken consommé. The server brought out a bowl with a single tortellini inside and then finished off the presentation by pouring a warm chicken broth over the pasta.

steamed turbot

Next up was steamed baby turbot, a bouncy fish with a delicious combo of flavours and textures. The presentation was beautiful and the ratatouille was delicious.

The slow-cooked pork belly did not disappoint. The pork is full of flavour but without being fatty or oily,  and the mashed potatoes turned out to be a lemony apple puree sauce that we all loved. Even the little pork cheek croquettes that are served on the side threaten to steal to show. I normally skip my greens when I’m full, but my husband coaxed me to try the quince jelly with salad and I’m glad he did. I ended up cleaning my plate.

for the kids

kids cheeseburger

The children’s menu is a crowd pleaser with a choice between plates served with corn on the cob, fresh veggies and fries, or traditional favourites like mac & cheese. After deliberating a bit, our girl decided on the kids cheeseburger which was probably the most impressive “kids” burger I’ve ever seen, showing off with all the fixin’s and large enough for us to each try a bite without our daughter getting too territorial.

The tomatoes and sautéed onions were lost on her, but after removing those offences, it was love at first bite. For all you kids out there, she asked me to tell you the following: “The cheese is not too strong but nice, and it was cheesy without being gummy. The burger was cooked perfectly.” (Mama and Papa taught her well, so her idea of “cooked perfectly” is medium rare, but you may want to ask for “well done” if pink meat on your kids’ plate ain’t your thang).

dessert platter

The delicate French-sized portions of the meal left us satisfied but with room to enjoy one last course, so we were eager to try the Assiette de Desserts, which was served up with an impressive glass-looking edible structure in the middle.  “I rate this a 115!” said our little restaurant-reviewer-in-training, as she sampled as many of the goodies as possible. Hubby’s favourite was the apple crisp wafer and we all enjoyed sampling the panna cotta with berries.

the verdict

The dining areas were sprinkled with a healthy mix of suits and strollers, with everyone still able to enjoy a bit of private conversation. Hubby and I were able to relax and catch up on our week, while our girl enjoyed colouring and nibbling off both her plate and ours.

Although French-style/size foods are great for guilt-reduced eating, those of you in the mood for a more hearty meal will be happy to hear that the folks next to us had a yummy-looking sirloin steak and a bowl of pasta, so it seems Plat du Jour has menu items and atmosphere choices to please a variety of appetites and diners.

With an attentive staff, kid-friendly options, and a nice atmosphere, it’s a great place for a date or family night out.

Plat du JourPacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

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