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Get Creative: DIY Easter Crafts For Kids Of All Ages

DIY Easter crafts
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Looking for ways to keep your children from bouncing off the walls this holiday?

The term break across most schools in Hong Kong has started, so we’ve rounded up a few fun activities to keep the kids busy at home until the Easter Bunny arrives. From potato stamping and DIY jelly bean bracelets, to Marshmallow bunnies and Easter cookies, you’re sure to find something to entertain your little one. Happy crafting!

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Parties and play Easter DIY crafts potato stamping

Easter Egg Potato Stamping

These fuss-free homemade potato stamps from Crafty Morning are a great way to keep kids busy, making cool Easter cards for friends and family. Cutting the potatoes definitely requires adult help, but once I had that done my son loved trying out all the designs with different paint combos.

What you will need: Potatoes, a knife, paint and paintbrushes (optional)


  1. Cut the potatoes in half before slicing lines on the inside. Angle your knife to cut patterned wedges into the side of the potato. Straight lines are easiest but you can get creative with zigzags and curvy lines if you want to.
  2.  Dip the cut potatoes in paint, or paint over them and press firmly against a piece of paper. Fold the paper up to turn it into cards with pretty Easter egg patterns printed on them.

Footprint Bunny Ears

I came across this sweet Easter keepsake from One Krieger Chick that you might like to try with your tiny tot.

What you need: White paper, a paper plate, scissors, markers, glue and optional craft items (like ribbons, buttons and heart-shaped stickers)


  1. Simply have your little one step in pink paint (washable of course) and then onto a piece of white paper. Cut the footprints out to make the bunny ears and attach them to the top of a paper plate.
  2. Let your little one decorate the bunny’s face using markers, or you can add other embellishments for the eyes, nose and whiskers. Then decorate the house with your bunny creations!

Easter Egg Garland

This easy craft is perfect for dressing up your Hong Kong windows and can be tweaked to use for many festivals! All you need to do is change the item that’ll make up your garland (e.g. Easter eggs, mini Christmas trees, the list is endless!).

What you need: A cookie cutter, glue, scraps of any pretty paper you may have, stickers, colourful card or paper, a hole punch and string.


  1. Use a cookie cutter (since it’s Easter, we’ll use an egg-shaped one!) to trace shapes on the paper or card, then cut out the shapes.
  2. Smear them with glue and stick on scraps of pretty paper, glitter and stickers. Punch holes into the top of each and then string them together to make a garland.

Sassy Mama tip: To make sure each piece of paper doesn’t gather together in the middle of the string, consider tying a knot in the string after you thread each one so that it stays in place.

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Parties and play Easter DIY crafts Marshmallow bunny

Marshmallow Bunny

This cute craft from No Time For Flash Cards ticks all the right boxes. It helps the little ones with their fine motor skills and older kids with their counting. Just try not to eat all the marshmallows while you’re at it!

What you will need: Marshmallows, card or thick paper, scissors, glue and markers.


  1. Draw and cut out the face of a bunny on card (you might need to help your children out here, depending on their age).
  2. Use your template to trace the shape onto a piece of card.
  3. Drizzle glue all the way around the outline of the bunny and then have fun counting and sticking marshmallows around it. Complete the bunny face using markers or if you’re super crafty, try buttons and yarn.

Sassy Mama tip: Use edible glue and then your children will get to eat their marshmallow bunny (not all at once, of course). Crafts are always a winner with the kids if it involves a sweet treat at the end of it!

Parties and play Easter DIY crafts jellybean braclets

Easy Jelly Bean Bracelets

Staying with the idea of using sweet treats, we tried making these nifty bracelets by Artzy Creations. This is another activity that promotes the use of fine motor skills, as it requires a bit of skill and attention.

What you need: Jelly beans, elastic cord and a needle.


  1. Cut the elastic cord to approximately 15 cms in length. Don’t worry if it’s too long, you can trim it later. Tie a knot leaving approximately 3 cms at one end.
  2. Thread the cording through the needle (this is great for hand-eye coordination, though younger kids will need help).
  3. Carefully thread the jelly beans with the needle and then push them down towards the bottom knot.  Measure the bracelet on your child’s wrist and once there are enough jelly beans to wrap around it, cut the cord. Then tie a tight knot to stop the beans falling off, before tying the bracelet in place.

Sassy Mama tip: Look for larger jelly beans or use raisins, marshmallows and Cheerios to achieve a similar look that’s snack-friendly for toddlers.

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Parties and play Easter DIY Baking cookies

Easter treats

Finally, making cookies is always a hit in our home and dressing them up with M&Ms makes it all the more festive. This one bowl, mess-free recipe from Averie Cooks makes it easy for little ones to help out in the kitchen. We made these for a playdate recently and as you can see, the kids couldn’t keep their hands off them!

Featured image courtesy of via Pexels, all other images courtesy of Maribeth Janikowski.

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