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Delicious & healthy pregnancy menus at T’ang Court, Langham Hong Kong

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We’ve all seen special children’s menus in restaurants (and we wouldn’t mind some more in Hong Kong since you’re asking!), but how about special pregnancy menus too?

Well, that’s exactly what T’ang Court in The Langham Hong Kong has done! Executive chef Siu Hin-chi has used his twenty-years cooking experience to create four different menus especially tailored towards the different stages of pregnancy.

For the first trimester, that means food rich in folic acid, iron and calcium, like legumes, fish and milk (we’re sure you’ve heard enough of this from your doctor/mum already!). For the second and third trimester menus, Chef Siu has used plenty of high-protein low-fat ingredients essential for growing babies, like fish maw and sea cucumber – and those Wagyu beef rolls stuffed with Beche-de-Mer and mixed mushrooms look good enough to eat right now, pregnant or otherwise!

Meanwhile, his final post-pregnancy menu blends ginger, beef and radix codonopsis (one of those miracle Chinese herbal medicine ingredients) to improve circulation and keep mama at optimum health for the hectic weeks and months ahead! In addition to all the nutritional benefits, we reckon these dishes probably don’t taste too shabby either!

All T’ang Court’s six-course pregnancy menus cost $550 per person (plus a 10% service charge) and must be ordered a day in advance.

So what better excuse to enjoy some fine dining blooming-belly style in the Year of the Dragon?! After all, you’re eating for two remember!

T’ang Court, The Langham Hong Kong, 8 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, 2132 7898

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