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Top Baby Tracking Apps For Nursing, Bath Time and Diapers!

Baby Tracking Apps: Sassy Mama's Top 10 Picks
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Here are Sassy Mama’s top baby tracking apps, from breastfeeding to bath time and everything in between

There’s no rest for the wicked mamas, but there’s also no rest when you’ve got a new addition to the household! When you’re running around sleep deprived and covered in curious substances, it can be tough remembering when (and on what side!) to feed the bubs, let alone keep track of all those dirty nappies (and nap times).

Luckily, we’ve rounded up our favourite baby tracking apps to help you stay afloat with your tot’s day to day routine and chart their development – something that definitely comes in handy for your next paediatrician visit. In addition to the nitty gritty details about availability and cost, we’ve also enlisted our own team of Sassy Mamas to share how they used the apps to make their first couple of years a little easier. Take a look below!

Baby tracking apps
Baby Tracker by WhatToExpect

From the parenting juggernaut behind the massive bestseller What to Expect the First Year, this customisable tracker not only allows you to record your darling’s sleeping, feeding, and necessary diaper change patterns, but also has a handy list of recommended vaccinations. If you’ve got more than one child, you can add their profiles to your account as well! The tracker goes beyond what it says on the tin and even has an archive of guides to each month of your child’s development, medical advice and even playtime ideas for when your brain’s just too tired to come up with another game. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, never fear – you’ll get access to the What to Expect forum where you can ask other parents for help, or just rant to them about the two hours of sleep you got last night. 

Free to download. Available on the Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Sassy Mama says: “I love What-to-Expect’s Baby Tracking App because the interface is clear and simple to use and navigate around. With my mummy-brain, I find the ‘vaccinations’ button super helpful as it keeps me updated with those necessary (but painful) jabs!” – Min, Singapore Sassy Mama

Baby tracking apps

Total Baby

People have been raving about Total Baby all over the world, from noteworthy news organisations like CNN to childhood experts at baby talk, and it’s our turn now. This is one of the most customisable baby trackers on the list, with 14 different logging and timing functions covering breastfeeding, sleeping, vaccines, baths, growth progress and allergies as well as create your own tracker capabilities – perfect for monitoring your little’s specific medical needs like asthma. Keep track of your whole gang with multiple profiles and set a reminder alarm for your littles’ extracurriculars – sometimes it’s just all too much for a mama to remember by herself!

Around $30HKD in the Apple Store. Available for iPhone and iPad.

Sassy Mama says: “I used Total Baby religiously for the first six weeks. I found it to be helpful to see if her eating and sleeping habits were within the normal range and to see if there were patterns. It also helped me to figure out my daughter’s lip tie as I knew she was spending a normal amount of time nursing, but wasn’t gaining weight.” – Whitney, Singapore Sassy Mama

“In the beginning when I was a total sleep-deprived zombie, Total Baby was crucial in helping track when my baby had eaten and from where. Now that she’s a little older, it’s been a helpful tool for monitoring sleep patterns. For an OCD Excel nerd like myself, it really hits the spot!”- Kristen, Singapore Sassy Mama

Baby tracking apps

iBaby Feed Timer (aka Baby Feed in the UK)

Recommended by NHS midwives in the UK, this handy-dandy app was designed by- and for- breastfeeding moms to keep track of feedings. Perfect for sleep-deprived mamas who can’t remember their own last name, it reminds you what side to start on, when you’re due for the next feed, and much more. Also keeps track of bottle feedings, pumping sessions, diaper changes, and sleep timings, with in-depth charts and analysis.

Priced at around $10HKD. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Sassy Mama says: “I love how simple and uncomplicated this app is, with giant buttons that are easy to tap with one hand when I’ve got a squirming hungry baby in the other. It also syncs up with other phones so my husband knows when to feed her if I’m out and about.” – Kate M., Sassy Mama Singapore Editor

Baby tracking apps

Baby Connect

Perfect for the mama-on-the-go, Baby Connect allows you to create an online baby tracker that can be updated remotely by anyone you grant access to: your husband, your parents, your helper, etc. With options to record nursing times, diaper changes as well as mood swings and milestones, you can be out and about and still not miss a single thing. It even has its own in-app messaging tool! Baby Connect can turn your updates into easily digestible graphs and charts, as well as allow you to keep track of any trends you or your doctor should be interested in. You’ll even be able to make a profile for your child with relevant information about their allergies, blood type and birthday – everything’s all in one place!

Free to download. Available on Android, iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, Windows Phone and browsers.

Baby tracking apps

Baby Daybook

Available exclusively on Android, Baby Daybook is a means of recording your newborn’s every last move – from diaper changes to breastfeeding sessions with the unique option of adding in crucial notes to record irregularities. For mamas with twins or triplets, Baby Daybook’s got you covered with multiple baby profiles that you can sync up with your husband or helper’s accounts so that they know exactly what’s going on every second of the day. With customisable app colours, the team behind Baby Daybook has even been thoughtful enough to develop a darker interface so you don’t wake up your little with a blast of light during their nighttime feedings.

Free to download. Available on Android.

Baby tracking apps

Baby Nursing

From the minds of American Baby magazine comes the Baby Nursing app, your free be-all, end-all breastfeeding app…and so much more! With options to chart your baby’s nursing progress as well as relevant doctors appointments and potty breaks, don’t forget to record your milestones with their in-built sound, photo and video capabilities! If you’re absolutely in love with the app, there’s even more paid-for content that will allow you to keep on top of bottle feedings, pumping, sleeping and more. Data can even be exported into a customisable Excel spreadsheet.

Free, however has a premium paid-for upgrade. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Baby tracking apps


Sprout’s renowned for its physician-recommended baby and pregnancy apps with a number of awards from their fans at, Babble and even Apple themselves. They’ve got you covered from foetus to baby’s first steps, with an easy-to-use interface and awesome capabilities like multiple child profiles, doctor visit planners and daily tips with their pregnancy and baby trackers. Developed by mothers-to-be and doctors to guide you down the path of motherhood, don’t forget about their pregnancy journal – after creating a beautiful list of memories with your partner, you can send it off to be transformed into a gorgeous hardbound book for your family to treasure forever.

Free for Sprout Pregnancy, $3.99USD for Pregnancy+. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Mobile mom - baby tracking apps

Mobile Mom

Mamas, we’ve hit the motherlode. Mobile Mom isn’t an app, it’s a software development company with SIX useful apps to help make your life a little easier! They’ve got you covered from the moment you start thinking about having a baby, with their personalised Period Tracker, Due Date Calculator, Mama community Pregnancy Talk, Baby Kick Counter, and a great Baby Tracker that charts your tot’s growth progress. While they have a Pregnancy Test app, we don’t recommend using it – a doctor’s the only real reliable source for results and Mobile Mom even has a disclaimer saying so. That said however, those of you who love reading on your iPads will be happy to hear Mobile Mom has a Newsstand magazine full of tips and tricks aimed at making the parenting journey a little less daunting.

Free to download. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Baby tracking apps - feed baby

Feed Baby

It’s easy to forget things when you’re operating on infant-oriented sleep, but with Feed Baby at least you can monitor your baby’s meal times, baths, and bottle feeds. This tracker creates colourful timelines, graphs and reports based around your tot’s eating habits, even when they start on solid foods. With customisable themes in powder Vintage Pink, periwinkle Baby Blue or the more solemn Dark Knight, you and your hubby will be able to sync up your data between devices to make sure you both know exactly what’s going on wherever you are.

Free, with an option to upgrade to Feed Baby Pro for an additional price. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

baby tracking apps


With over 18 different categories to monitor in iBabyLog, your kid’s development will be covered from doctor’s visits to nap times! You can not only share and sync your baby’s log with a number of caregivers, but you can also put restrictions on what other people can and can’t update. There’s no limit to how many child profiles you can create — even octo-mums are covered! With thoughtful little additions like an option to create recurring reminders for your littles and Facebook capabilities, iBabyLog’s the choice for the mama who wants it all.

Free to download. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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