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Pamper Yourself With A Pre-natal Massage & Yoga Combo from Flawless

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Our OG Sassy Mama, Maura gets a much deserved (and needed!) pre-natal massage and yoga class courtesy of Flawless’ newest pampering sesh for expectant mamas…

Let me set the scene… picture a frazzled mama, actually no, let’s start again… Picture a frazzled PREGNANT mama, who barely has any time for herself. She juggles work, being there for her little girl and trying to make sure she is doing all the right things when it comes to taking care of the growing bump that is baby number 2. This mama goes on and on about how she needs to come up with a better way to make time for herself but she ends up sounding like a broken record as it’s usually all talk amongst the daily juggling act of trying to make it all work.

Yup, that mama is me. Super duper pregnant and in need of a major ‘me moment’. Pregnancy aches, pains and life in general has taken its toll on me this time around so when Flawless introduced their new combo offering which gives you an at home pre-natal yoga session AND a pre-natal massage at their spa I jumped at the opportunity to let work and mama responsibilities go and take some much needed time out for myself and my bump.

I have always wanted to do an at home yoga session and have talked about it over and over (again, broken record) but I’ve always struggled with how to coordinate it, who to set it up with and how it would all work. So when Flawless partnered with a yoga instructor to do at home pre-natal yoga sessions as part of a pre-natal massage deal I knew that this was a one-stop call that could make me a more relaxed mama on more than one occasion.

The Pre-Natal Yoga Session

Maura at home yoga

I opted to do my yoga session and massage on two consecutive days and loved this set up. It was like the best treat to have an hour to look forward to each day and it was all coordinated through one phone call. I strategically set up the yoga session for a time when Eve would be out of the house at dance class so I would have a precious hour to myself without her running around the house making me feel guilty for not playing with her while I got my ‘ommm’ on.

My instructor Silke told me before the session what I needed to have prepared (yoga mat, blanket, cushion). After she arrived we chatted for a few minutes and then she started to guide me through the session which was especially catered to mamas to be (so code word for easy and gentle!). I must admit, it did feel a bit strange at the beginning because my welcoming ways wanted to offer Silke tea, cake and a nice sit down chat before we got down to downward dog business… But since time was precious and we had an hour time slot I let that feeling float to the back of my mind. I loved that it seemed as though I was at a yoga studio but was actually practicing in the comforts of my very own home. Silke is a lovely instructor and I really got the sense that she can read what her students want and what their ability level is while catering to their individual needs during the session. She has a great energy about her and I liked having her in my home and welcoming her into the private sanctuary that is my home life.

I loved the session and being a fan of yoga who has lost touch with this one love in my life it was really great to reconnect with it. But what was even nicer was that after the session I was home in my own peaceful surroundings and didn’t have to battle the crazy streets and chaos. I could shower in my own bathroom and feel zero mama guilt as all this could happen before Eve returned home from dancing.

The Pre-Natal Massage Session

Flawless pink door

It’s no lie that we have been fans of Flawless for some time now. And while I have personally tried their manicure service (love!) I haven’t passed beyond their amazing pink door to try any of their treatment rooms. So I was especially excited to get a personal peek into what their spa treatments were like. I was scheduled for a 1 hour pre-natal massage.

The day I went for my massage happened to be rainy and miserable so I was happy to duck into this peaceful sanctuary for an hour respite from the rain. I was set up in their treatment room and my massage started on my side (which I actually prefer compared to having the cushion in place so you can lay on your stomach) and I easily dozed off (three times!) during the session. The treatment used special oils that are safe to use during pregnancy with a focus on the care of my ever expanding skin (’cause let’s face it, more than your belly expands when pregnant!).

Flawless treatment room

The massage focused on so many areas but extra attention was given to my legs to help relieve that all too heavy feeling that can come with the extra weight our bodies are bearing. I woke up at the end of the treatment completely blissed out and ready to tackle whatever the rainy weather was going to throw at me. And while I only had an hour to spare on that particular day, I am dying to go back and do another massage and mani session because I could have seriously spent more ‘me time’ at the spa.

So, the final scene is this… After two days of taking time out for myself just for an hour I felt refreshed and my eyes were open up to a whole new world of how important it really is to just take a little bit of time for yourself. Was I a worst boss, co-worker or mama because I took those 2 hours? No, I don’t think so. So, the moral of the story is this… You deserve to put yourself first sometimes during your pregnancy and this package from Flawless is the perfect little pick me up that will make any mama-to-be feeling a little less frazzled with all the changes that are happening in her life.

The Prenatal Massage & Private Home Yoga costs $1,400 (first trial only for $1,260). You can also do Buy 5 Get One Free!

Flawless, 4/F, Sea Bird House, 22-28 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2869 5868,

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