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Regenerate, Renew, Relax with the Divine Facial at L’Occitane

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Experience visible anti-aging effects and ultimate relaxation with L’Occitane’s Divine Facial!

No matter how long I remain in denial about getting older, the effects of time spent on this earth inevitably show up on my skin. I have to say I took fairly good care of my skin. I drink plenty of water, I try to eat well, I try to only drink alcoholic beverages once or twice-ish a week, I clean and exfoliate it regularly and moisturise the hell out of it. But lately, it’s been clear to me that I need to ramp up my skin care routine, and more specifically, my skin care products. The old products and ways aren’t doing the trick anymore, so when L’Occitane invited some of the Sassy Mama contributors and I to attend a workshop which would introduce the Divine skincare line,  I couldn’t believe my luck. It was as if the aging skin gods had been listening and were like, “hey, let’s help a mama out.” So we headed over to L’Occitane Spa in Wan Chai, to hear all about this new raved-about skincare collection.

Spa L'OCCITANE Shop Front

L’Occitane Spa is located on Star Street at Star Crest. As you climb the stairs to the spa, the decor of warm, golden-yellow walls and wood and the fragance of jasmine hovering in the air have you entering Provence in the middle of Hong Kong.  It’s a sweet escape from the fast pace, crowded, hustle of the city. It’s comfortable, inviting and once you enter, you want to stay. And thankfully, we were invited to stay. You can It’s location makes it perfect for anyone wanting an after work or even mid-day getaway. You can visit the spa and emerge, re-energised and have a coffee or delicious bite at any of the popular nearby eateries while you revel in your post-treatment bliss.


About L’Occitane

L’Occitane came into being in 1976 when Olivier Baussan distilled rosemary essential oil and sold it in the markets of Provence. After making soap and then producing shea butter hand creams, L’Occitane became a fragrance merchant. With its first store in Provence, it later opened stores in Paris, NYC and Hong Kong. It now boasts over 2700 stores around the world with 22 petit spas and 4 flagship spa locations.

About L’Occitane Spa

L’Occitane Spa on Star Street is one of four flagship spas worldwide. It is a 3,000 square foot space which includes 9 individual treatment rooms. Each room is named after an ingredient used in L’Occitane’s signature products.


The Divine Collection uses the anti-aging properties of the everlasting immortele flower. It’s a flower that never fades and retains its form and colour even after being picked. The plant holds essential oil which has anti-free radical and anti-wrinkle properties, and L’Occitane extracted it and injected it into a total anti-aging champion- the Immortelle collection.

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The four of us enjoyed croissants and tea while we had the pleasure of hearing about L’Occitane, the Divine Collection and then received helpful skincare tips. We were given instruction on how to properly apply the Divine products to get maximum effect and anti-aging benefits. We each received a wonderful, 20 minute relaxing hand massage experience and a mini-facial massage demonstration using the Divine Cream Mask. We all left raving about the product and the application technique secrets. As we all headed back to work, we were all surprised to not feel inclined to apply makeup as the product had our skin glowing.

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The Divine Facial

I was invited to return on a separate occasion to experience the 90 minute Divine Facial, one L’Occitane spa’s most requested treatments. I often find myself in a spa for the purpose of getting a massage, but rarely get facials. I guess I figure I’d rather have someone “work on” my whole body as opposed to just my face, which I always think I can take care of well enough on my own. The handful of facials I’ve gotten in the past haven’t really made so much of a difference that I felt inclined to make it a regular occurrence in my life. So I went to the L’Occitane Spa with an open mind, but without any great expectations of mind-boggling outcomes. I was simply just really excited about the hour of “me time”. That hour of peace and quiet without any “mommy, can I have a cookie?”s or “mommy, I have to go pee!”s or “mommy” anythings! I was going to enjoy myself, whether or not there was a noticeable effect.

Retail Area_2

When I arrived at the spa, the warm colors of the walls, candles burning and the scent of jasmine instantly told my brain and body to start relaxing. I was warmly greeted by the spa specialist at the counter who had been awaiting my arrival. I was offered hot detoxifying tea to sip on while I filled out the required health assessment form to which the spa specialist refers to customise the treatment to each guests particular needs. I was then led down the dimly lit, rock lined hallway to the room. Just the walk down the serene hallways which smelled of fragrant essential oils had me on my way to relaxation.

Almond Room (1)

To kick off my experience, I received an aromatic foot bath as part of the L’Occitane spa tradition, and then the treatment began once I was comfortably situated on the treatment table. With traditional Provencal music playing softly in the background, the facial specialist used long, contouring strokes to cleanse my face and décollete using one of the Divine products, and I felt the stress melt away with each gentle stroke. Every movement throughout the facial was for the purpose of opening my skin to maximum anti-aging benefits. From the gentle massage of both my face and shoulders which relaxed my muscles and boosted my skin’s circulation to the steam treatment to the drainage of toxins through attention to my pressure points along my chin jaw, neck and décolleté areas to improve facial contour and skin elasticity, the anti-aging efforts were evident in every movement and with every application of a Divine product.

The main purpose of the Divine facial is to not only give you a relaxing sensory experience, but to treat all signs of aging on your skin. Through special technique and the use of the Divine products, the facial works to significantly decrease the signs of wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, pigmentation marks and skin slackening on the face and décolleté areas. And as I emerged from that heavenly 90 minute experience, and then later saw the effects it had on my skin, I was and still am convinced that it did what it purported to do. For the next week, my skin was firmer, softer, tighter. I felt like the wrinkles around my eyes had relaxed and my skin just looked healthier and brighter. More than anything, my skin felt deeply moisturised; it felt more hydrated than it has felt in years.

Special Offer for Sassy Mama readers!

And from now until December 31, 2015, Sassy Mama readers can experience the Divine Facial for the first time for 20% off. Not only will you enjoy the 20% discount, but you will also receive a sample set of 3 Divine products after your treatment to help you maintain that fabulous Divine glow!

So ladies, get in there and let L’Occitane Spa fully pamper you all while turning back the hands of time for your skin. It’s an experience that leaves you feeling, renewed, re-energised and has you glowing. It’s an experience that is, well, DIVINE!

Spa L’Occitane

Shop 3, Tower 2, Star Crest, 9 Star Street, Wan Chai, H.K. (852) 2143 6288

Hours: 11:00-22:00 (Mon-Fri), 10:00 – 20:00 (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)


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