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Sassy Mama’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

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Show the fathers in your life just how much you love them with these thoughtful surprises. And don’t forget that no matter what you give him this Father’s Day, most of all, he’ll want to sleep in! ’Tis the most precious gift of all. 

The Foodie Dad


Always hungry, but never hangry, eager to try every new restaurant in Kennedy Town, and more than happy to share a bite of chocolate with his kids, The Foodie Dad deserves your very best this Father’s Day. Here’s what we know he’ll love.

1. Premium whisky from around the world
Not many men can say no to a glass of whisky after a long day (or ever), so make Dad’s day with a choice bottle of the premium goods from Whisky Hong Kong. Rarity and quality abound in this online shop.

Where to buy:
How much: From about $600 on up

2. Vitamix blender
Kitchens in Hong Kong often lack the space for a foodie’s appliances, but if there’s one item that’s always worth the counter space, it’s the Vitamix. Whether he’s making margaritas or peanut butter, Dad will thank you for splurging on this one every time.

Where to buy:
How much: $6,200, for a lifetime of silky smoothies

3. Portable Weber gas grill
When you’re short on terrace space but big on charbroiled flavour, go for the classic Weber gas grill in a portable version. It’s so iconic and perfectly compact, we’d almost call it cute (but not in front of Dad). Weber quality can’t be beat, which means your Sunday dinner just got a whole lot tastier.

Where to buy: Renaud Hong Kong
How much: On sale for $4,720

4. HK Brewcraft homebrewing experience
For the Dad who isn’t satisfied with a simple glass of Tsingtao, send him for a day of sudsy chemistry at HK Brewcraft, where he’ll make his own beers from scratch. You’ll need to round up a few papas to get the full experience here, as it’s much more fun to go with a big group of friends than arrive and spend a day with strangers (although they are all beer-loving strangers, and likely very fun to be around!).

Where: HK Brewcraft, 15 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong,
How much: $680 per person, $600 each for groups of four or more

5. Nespresso Maestria Rosso espresso maker
We have asked more than one espresso snob, and the truth is, this machine is a mighty fine substitute for the Sicilian espresso bar you just can’t forget. Plus it looks sexy on your kitchen counter. Think of it as the next best thing to a Porsche. (Hey, it’s red.)

Where to buy: Nespresso
How much: $4,688

6. Mauviel copper frying pan
If there’s anything that can put a smile on Dad’s face while he’s making Sunday breakfast, it’s the Mauviel copper frying pan. Do you need a copper frying pan to make eggs? No. Do you need a copper frying pan to fully live? Yes.

Where to buy: Williams Sonoma 
How much: $2,501 for the 9.5″ pan (a very versatile size)

The Traveling Dad

Let’s face it – many Hong Kong dads sleep away from home on business more often than they sleep in their own beds. You miss him, your kids miss him, and he desperately misses you too. Show him all the love this Father’s Day with these gifts that make a traveling life a little more comfortable.

1. Classic J.Crew pajamas
When Dad’s jetlagged beyond belief and FaceTime isn’t cutting it, at least he’ll have these incredibly soft pjs to greet him at the end of a day away from home. He will probably wear these for the next twenty years, save he leaves them in a hotel in Singapore.

Where to buy: J.Crew
How much: $750

2. Handcrafted leather passport case
Fungus is more than a mushroom, mamas. It’s a hip accessories brand that your Traveling Dad will be sure to love. No more shuffling through a briefcase at the check-in counter. This gorgeous handcrafted passport case is one he’ll thank you for every time he flies. Bonus: Get it embossed with his initials for no additional cost!

Where to buy: Butlur
How much: $975

3. Apple Watch
Is it obnoxiously trendy? Of course it is. Is it still the coolest gift of the spring? Yes! This tiny work of art can track his health habits, keep track of his flight status, and make it easier for him to keep sending on-the-go snapshots to your kids through that phenomenal little camera.

Where to buy: Apple
How much: From $2,728

4. Laurence Lai HK photograph
When he comes in the door at the end of a long journey, remind him why Hong Kong is the best home on earth with a photo of our amazing city by Laurence Lai. Every shot is perfectly composed, and the spirit of Hong Kong shines through in all of Lai’s work. The only problem is picking just one from his impressive collection.

Where to buy: Laurence Lai Gallery, Pier No. 7, Central, or online
How much: From $1600 

5. Personalised man-sized coffee mug
Bring Dad his morning jetlag-fighting coffee in a mug with your kids’ face on it, and his day will be off to a pretty great start. This is an updated classic — when in doubt, tradition is the way to go!

Where to buy: Tiny Prints
How much: $155 for a large 15 oz. mug

150608-SMHK-Collage-TravelingDad-26. Classic shave at The Mandarin Barber
Traveling makes anyone feel a little rough around the edges, so treat Dad to the famous shave at the Mandarin to help him clean up back in the ‘Kong. In fact, if you really want him to look spiffy, spring for the membership package which gives him access to a wide menu of barber treatments each month — man-style.

Where: The Mandarin Oriental, 5 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong
How much: $495 for the Mandarin shave, $6000 for Mandarin Men 3-month membership; more details here

7. Wireless Beats Solo2 headphones
The latest incarnation of Beats headphones are as good as gold (literally, if you buy the gold ones!), and Dad needs all the noise-cancelling he can get on those cross-Atlantic flights home. Available in a range of fun colours and absolutely wireless, these headphones are the real deal.

Where to buy: Beats by Dre
How much: $2,598

8. TUMI limited edition 1975 briefcase
Featuring superior functionality, this slim brief from TUMI’s limited edition, “1975”, is guaranteed to make your dad feel special on those long work trips. TUMI is known for producing quality leather goods that last for a long time. The beautifully designed briefcase, crafted from natural, full grain leather, is sure to attract looks of envy, and its light colour also works great in the summer!

Where to buy: TUMI locations around Hong Kong
How much: $6,190

9. Levi’s Selvedge Slim Fit Rigid Jeans
Chances are, if Dad is traveling on business, most of the time he’s wearing a suit. Set him up for weekend comfort with the original comfort uniform — Levi’s.

Where to buy: ASOS
How much: $1,908

The Outdoorsy Dad


One of Hong Kong’s best-kept secrets is its stunning country parks and outdoor spaces, and many a HK Dad loves to take advantage of the wild blue yonder. These finds will keep him active even on those black rain days. Nothing’s going to stop Outdoorsy Dad!

1. Surfing lessons in Sai Kung
Surf Hong Kong lures learners from all over Asia to practice riding waves Hong Kong style. If your adventurous pop has always wanted to hang loose, why not surprise him with a chance to learn? Expert instructors teach everything from paddling to how to wipeout on one of the best beaches in HK.

How much: From $350

2. Thai boxing classes from the masters
Picture this: you are poolside sipping mojitos while your husband learns the complex art of Muay Thai from masters of the sport, hopefully out of earshot (no one said learning would be pain-free). Guests can learn from the resident professional boxing instructor in a true-to-life Thai boxing ring right at the villa. What are you waiting for?

Where to buy: Sri Panwa
How much: Contact resort for details of boxing packages

3. GoTenna cell network extender
How many times have you wondered when Dad would be home from that hike on Dragon’s Back only to realise he probably had no cell service? A dilemma for many a Hong Kong family. Pre-order Dad a pair of these futuristic gadgets, which allow users to communicate via text practically anywhere on earth, and never lose track of one another again.

Where to buy: Preorder at
How much: $1,155. (You must ship to a US address during the pre-order stage so cash in a favour with one of your States-side friends and have them bring it over!) 

4. Swiss Army golf tool
When a man loves to spend his day on the green, a man loves to spend his day on the green, mamas. Embrace the obsession by giving him yet another tool to fuel the golfing passion with this finely crafted golf tool from Victorinox. It’s got a tee punch, a one-handed divot repair too, and a ball marker. Man’s other best friend.

Where to buy: Victorinox Brand Store, ifc mall, Shop 2001, Podium Level 2, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong,
How much: $215

5. Philips Fl3x portable speaker
Say goodbye to the old party trick of an iPhone in a plastic cup! This compact, nearly indestructible but beautiful sounding travel speaker from Philips is the latest way to listen to U2 on the go (he is a Dad after all). Anything you can clip to a backpack with a carabineer is a win with Outdoorsy Dad.

Where to buy: Philips Fl3x Speaker
How much: $310

6. Adventure travel to a far-off destination planned by Flight Centre
Sometimes planning a trip is full of excitement and anticipation, and sometimes, if we’re honest with ourselves (and Agoda), it is a royal pain to figure it all out. Take your outdoor-loving Dad on a skiing, diving or marathoning adventure and let the experts at Flight Centre do all the work. They guarantee lowest possible flights, so you have nothing to lose, mamas!

Where to buy: Flight Centre flagship store now open, 17 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong,
How much: Varies widely depending on itinerary — but airline ticket prices are guaranteed to be the lowest possible!

Happy Father’s Day!

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