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Sassy Mama’s Steal and Splurge Guide: Baby Carriers

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Baby wearing has been practiced for hundreds – even thousands – of years and it only makes sense that in a city full of stairs, escalators, uneven cobble roads and daunting inclines, the parents of Hong Kong are choosing more frequently to carry their little ones.

Whether you’re a mama who likes to splash out or a mama who likes to save, the most important thing to factor in when buying a baby carrier is safety above all! Here we’ve rounded up the best baby carriers on the market to keep your little ones protected, ranging from budget-friendly to splurge-worthy in our Steal vs. Splurge Guide! 



Baby K’Tan
The Baby K’Tan is a hybrid between a wrap and structured front carrier. To put it simply it’s the best of both worlds under $388! The K’Tan can be worn 5 ways and comes in several different types of fabric including a mesh carrier that’s great for hot Hong Kong summers! All fabrics are made of 100% cotton and come in a variety of colours. The baby sits high which makes mobility for the parent carrying a breeze. It’s extremely portable and can fold up into it’s own attached pouch, making travel with the carrier very compact and lightweight.

Available for $388 on Amazon

Baby Carrier - Hana Baby Wrap

Hana Baby Wrap
The Hana Wrap is comparable to the ever famous Moby Wrap. However, its soft organic bamboo fabric makes the difference. This breathable fabric allows the carrier and baby to stay cool and comfortable. The nature of the wrapping method allows for weight to be distributed evenly and allows for natural hip development for the baby while being carried.

Available for $528 on Amazon.

Baby Carrier - Infantino

Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier
The Infantino Sash carrier has a great value if you’re not looking to break the bank. It’s a hybrid between a soft structured carrier and a wrap with three sitting positions. The tie adjustments make this carrier lightweight and bulk free, which makes it very easy to put on with the perfect fit. It keeps mum and baby cooler because there is less heavy material. It also comes with a detachable hood that can protect from the sun or give mum more privacy while breastfeeding. Since it’s a wrap hybrid, it folds up much more compactly than other structured carriers making it easy to toss in a baby bag for trips out.

Available for $201 from Amazon.

Baby Carrier - Maya

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling
If you’re looking for a super simple, easy to use and fuss-free carrier, the Maya wrap is the way to go. It has a padded shoulder for comfort and the ring adjustment makes it simple to tighten and loosen when transferring baby. It’s made of 100% cotton and has a zip pocket at the tail perfect for holding a diaper or whatever else your baby may need. It has 4 carrying positions and comes in a variety of beautiful colours. It’s also perfect if you are worried your baby is too small for the traditional structured carrier in those first couple months. The Maya keeps the baby close and snug next to mum. The best thing about this carrier is that it is so simple you can use it for those moments at home when you need a free hand or you can ball it up and throw it in your bag for when you take your baby out.

Available for $620 on Amazon.



Baby Carrier - Ergo

Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Bundle of Joy
The Ergo is an all-time favourite carrier for mums and dads all over the world. The best thing about the new four position 360 is that the baby can now face outward which was one downfall of the original Ergo model. This carrier distributes the weight to the carrier’s hips and really eases tension on the back. Because of its full coverage fabric, it makes discreetly breastfeeding or napping for one’s baby incredibly easy. The carrier is durable, versatile and will last way beyond one’s first baby.

Available for $1,473 at and for $1,490 from Tiny Footprints.

Baby Carrier - Boba

Boba 3 Carrier Combo Box
The combo package Boba 3 is offering is hard to pass up. It includes a wrap for early infancy months, the Boba 4G carrier and the Boba Air perfect for sweltering Hong Kong summers. The Boba 4G has all the bells and whistles plus more. It is ergonomic, has two insert adjustments so your baby can grow into the carrier, detachable hood and foot rests, convenient pockets and tabs to hold your baby bag strap in place so it doesn’t fall off your shoulder. The only downside some may have is that there are only two carrying positions, inward facing and backpack style. The Boba Air weighs a mere 0.7lbs and is perfect for quick errands or walks to the park. As it’s made of durable nylon material, it’s very lightweight, folds up into itself for easy storage (size of a wallet), has the same ergonomic design as the Boba4G, but most importantly it keeps mom and baby from overheating!

Available for $1,550 on Amazon, includes Boba Wrap, Boba 4G carrier and Boba Air.

Baby Carrier - Lillebaby

Lillebaby All Seasons Complete Carrier
Sometimes the Ergo is too much fabric for a petite mom. The Lillebaby Complete is the perfect alternative. Its fabric is lighter and slightly less bulky with an option of a mesh fabric, which is perfect for keeping mom and baby comfy and cool. It has five carrying positions along with a detachable hood to protect your little one from the sun. It also has an adjustable seat width option for baby’s bum and legs as they grow to support a natural sitting position. It also includes a lumbar support pad and has either a cross strap or backpack option for the shoulder straps. The Lillebaby Complete is truly a versatile all-in-one carrier you can use whether it be running errands in Central or taking a hike on Lamma Island.

Available for $1,008 on Amazon, infant insert not included.

Baby Carrier - I-Angel

I-Angel Rainbow Hipseat + Hipseat Carrier + Baby Carrier (3 in 1)
The I-Angel Rainbow Hipseat has already taken over the streets of Hong Kong. Babies and toddlers can be seen sitting comfortably all around the city. Now they have come out with a 3-in-1 carrier that is more versatile than ever before. It comes with the Original hipseat and carrier, but now the hipseat can be detached and the upper carrier is attached to an ergonomically designed baby wrapper. The adjusted carrier is more suitable for small babies or keeping baby closer. You can also breastfeed more discreetly with the adjusted baby wrapper version of the carrier.

I-Angel carriers are made with 100% cotton and come in a fantastic array of colours and patterns. When worn with the hipseat option it takes nearly all the stress off the back and shoulders so it’s optimal for heavier babies and toddlers. The recommended age is still 3-36 months however. The I-Angel 3-in-1 really allows for one carrier to take you through all the stages of your baby’s growing process while staying ergonomically correct for baby and comfy for mom.

Available for $1,390 from, includes 1 Hip Seat, 1 Carrier, 1 Baby Wrapper, 1 Sleeping Hood and Organic Saliva Tray.

Baby Carrier - Stokke

Stokke My Carrier Cool
Stokke, known for their high quality and amazing functional products, has recently added a carrier to their repertoire of baby products. The price tag can put some off but if you’re a fan of the brand, you know you really do get what you pay for. The new My Carrier cool version is made of a breathable organic mesh fabric and is free of chemicals that can be harmful to baby’s skin. It can be used 3 ways; inward, outward and backpack carry. The carrier can be used from infancy without any special inserts up to 3 years of age and comes with a 3-year warranty.

The My Carrier is put on like a backpack as opposed to most carriers, making it very easy for mum to put it on without help. The front and back carry options come with two separate pieces making sure each carrying method is ergonomically correct for the baby’s legs. It also comes with a piece of aluminium lumbar support to make back carrying as comfortable as possible. All in all the Stokke My Carrier Cool is the crème de la crème of baby carriers. It’s beautifully constructed, organic, fits all body types, easy to breastfeed, easy to transfer baby after they’ve fallen asleep, convenient and most importantly comfortable for quick errands or all day carrying.

Available for $1,698 from Amazon, also available at Mothercare, Little Whale, Indigo, Mother Court.

Baby Carrier - TULA

Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier
The Tula carrier is perfect for the fashion conscious mama who also wants comfort and ease while carrying their little one. Tula is known for their beautiful prints and also for the high quality of their handmade products. It can be used as a front and back carrier and has a Tula Free to Grow Extenders (not included) option so the carrier can grow with your toddler. Another great feature is the adjustment where the panel meets the straps. This allows you to either bring the baby closer or sit back from you, making nursing much easier while baby is in the carrier. The detachable hood helps with sunshade and privacy.

Available for $1,155 on, infant insert not included.

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