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Sassy Mama’s Top 14 Health & Fitness Apps!

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We all know how easy it is to forget the importance of eating healthy and staying physically active when you become a mama. It may seem as if the days where you had time to go exercise are long gone, and those resolutions to go on a juice detox have flown out the window… If only there were workouts you could do at home that didn’t require fancy equipment or cost a fortune. Lucky for you mamas, there’s more than one app for that. We asked our Sassy Mamas for their top recommendations on the best exercise and nutrition apps out there! From high intensity interval training to yoga, calorie trackers and food raters, these apps will change your daily routine for good!



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Nike Training Club (Free)
This is used by many of us at Sassy Mama HQ and one of our favourite apps out there! The slogan, “Your personal trainer. Anytime. Anywhere.” is spot on. There are over 100 workouts to choose from, whether you want to get lean, toned, strong, or focus on a certain area of your body. Don’t be intimidated by the celebrity trainers workouts featured on the app – you can select beginner, intermediate or advanced to get a workout appropriate for your fitness level. Once you’ve tried out the app and become hooked, click “program” to create a 4-week program based on your goals and skill level. We guarantee you’ll love using the app, and the results that come with it!

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Yoga Studio ($28)
All you yogi mamas out there, check out the award-winning app Yoga Studio! We love the classes available on the app, and the 10-minute quick fixes when we don’t have time for a 30, 45, or 60 minute yoga sesh! The classes are offered in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for all types of yogis. We think it’s well worth the small investment!

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MapMyRun (Free)
Track your morning runs, hikes, or walks to and from work everyday with this app. The app uses GPS tech to create a map of your route, and record distance, speed and time for each trip. You can see how many steps you take and calories you burn just from walking around the house all day – enough to treat yourself to a latte, we bet! To keep track of your overall health, you can also input your weight and how much sleep you get each night.

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Fitbit (Free)
As one of the most popular fitness apps, Fitbit helps you set goals and then helps you reach them! You can track your daily steps, calories burned, active minutes and more. Log your workouts and food consumption with the monthly calendar to stay on track with your training program! Get your fellow mamas to download the app too, and you can share stats and challenges to encourage one another. After all, there’s nothing that makes fitness more fun than going at it with friends!

7 Minute Workout Challenge ($23)
Finding time to workout can be tough for a busy mama, which is why this app is perfect for you! Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier to start your day with a quick and effective 7-minute workout! The video includes 12 exercises performed for 30 seconds each, with 10 seconds of rest in-between moves. High intensity training gets your heart rate up, and is equivalent to working out for over an hour! With no equipment necessary, you have no excuses. So set that alarm and start making changes toward a healthier you!

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Lark (Free)
This app isn’t just for fitness, it’s beneficial to your overall health! Lark tracks your eating, activity and sleep data, and then talks to you to help motivate you to improve. Lark will comment on the amount of sleep you got, and congratulate you on walking faster than your daily pace! A good support system is vital when working towards a goal, and Lark is there whenever you need a positive and personal message.

Fitness Buddy (Free)
It’s time to get fit with your Fitness Buddy! With over 1,700 exercises and 1,000 videos, there’s no way you will get bored of working out to this app. You can select a workout specific to your goal, and specific to the equipment you have available. Before you start, remember to measure and record your body weight and metrics to track your progress!


Sleep Cycle ($8)
While this isn’t a fitness app specifically, you can’t expect to have a good workout and feel healthy without proper sleep! Sleep Cycle analyses your sleep (with your phone under your pillow) and wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase. It also displays sleep statistics and graphs for each night, so you can learn more about your sleeping patterns. As the Top Paid app in over 10 countries, you can rest assure that it works!



Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal (Free)
Track your caloric, fat, protein and carbohydrate intake to map your diet and find out how much you’re eating, versus how much you want to be eating! The app has the largest database of any calorie counter, with over 4 million foods! You can also record your exercise and how many calories you burned on that elliptical, so your daily goal can be adjusted accordingly. This app has so many great features; it’s a blessing that it’s free!


Eat Slower (Free)
This app is so simple yet so genius. A large problem we have is that we eat too quickly and don’t even realise that we’re full. In order to pace yourself when you sit down to a big tantalising dinner, use the Eat Slower app to set a timer reminding you to slow down. The timer will vibrate or buzz (you pick the sound) when you can take the next bite. You’ll be amazed the difference it makes, and eventually you wont even need the app!

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Fooducate (Free)
Scan the barcodes on the packaged goods in the grocery store with Fooducate, to review the foods nutrition grade before putting it in your cart! If the food isn’t a healthy choice, the app will recommend a healthier alternative. So you can learn as you shop, the app will also display pros and cons of the product. In addition to revolutionizing your groceries, you can track your caloric intake as well!

Lose It! (Free)
It’s time to lose the baby weight, or those few pounds that you’ve never been able to get rid of! Lose It helps you set a daily calorie budget and track your food and exercise. Once you set your goal, the app will create a custom weight loss plan for you, and motivate you along the way! For easy and quick tracking, you can use the barcode scanner to record your food.


MyPlate Calorie Tracker (Free)
This app will help you keep track of what you’re eating and how much you should be eating thanks to a personalised daily calorie goal based on your custom profile. You can add in how many calories you burn, food you eat and cups of water you drink. Our favourite part of this app is the chart that shows you the calories consumed every day in a week, month, three months, or a year! It’s great to motivate yourself and chart your progress. Not to mention, the LIVESTRONG community is there for constant support and advice.

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Simply Being ($15)
Sassy Mama’s love this meditation app! If you’ve never meditated before, or think it seems silly, just hear us out. You can choose the amount of time you want to meditate for, and whether or not you want to use the guided meditation with or without music or nature sounds. If you just want to close your eyes without instruction, there’s an option to listen to the sounds alone. The busy mama life can get hectic at times, so take a 5-30 minutes to relax with meditation!

So there you have it mamas, time to download your fave app and get moving!

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