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Sassy Scoop: The Cambridge Weight Plan’s Quick Fix

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Summer is over and it’s back to the real world, huh? (sigh) Well, if you’ve had a summer like mine, all the entertaining, bbq-ing, and long alfresco cocktail sessions have caught up with you(double sigh).

So for those looking to beat back the evidence of a summer spent indulging and who are in need of a quick fix, it just so happens that the folks at Cambridge Weight Plan have a programme called just that! We’re fans of the Quick Fix plan because they make it so easy. From a personal consultant who tailors a programme to fit you, to the weekly delivery of all you need to follow your plan, it really couldn’t be any easier to get back on track and into your pre-summer-of-sinning jeans.

The long and short of it is that the Cambridge Weight Plan is all about their nutritional supplements, meal replacements, and snacks – all of which are used either as your sole source of nutrition if you need results super duper fast, or can be used alongside your regular – but more balanced! – diet if you want to take things slower or just need a bit of help to maintain your weight.  The bottom line is that it’s flexible and personal  – ie: it’s designed so you can get to where you want to be.

Their Quick Fix range includes flavoured shakes, soups and porridges, all of which have been developed so they include all the necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain balanced nutrition and healthy weight loss. Besides having loads of flavors (shakes come in everything from banana, toffee-walnut, and butterscotch, to old standbys like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla; soups include spicy tomato, oriental chili, and chicken and mushroom among others; and the porridge comes in cozy flavours like apple-cinnamon and maple-pecan), they are also the result of seven years of research and were developed in collaboration with Addenbrooke’s Hospital by Dr Alan Howard, a Cambridge University nutrition specialist (hence the name). So major bonus points are given for not just simplifying the dieting process (you don’t need to worry about counting calories or figure out points), but also for the science and research behind it that ensures you’re getting the nutrients your body needs.

And the Quick Fix plan is perfect for busy mamas on-the-go who have trouble finding free time to do in person consultations or office visits. The first step of the programme is a 20-minute phone consultation with one of Cambridge Weight Plan’s trained consultants where they will help you get started on your own personal plan. The good news is that it the support goes beyond the first phone call. You will get private and individual support from them throughout the process – your consultant is basically your coach. And each one has actually followed the plan too, so they know the setbacks, as well as the victories that come along the way.

Want more?  Need to hear the nitty gritty?  Check out Sabrina’s review of the Cambridge Quick Fix over on our sister site, Sassy.

To learn more or schedule a chat with a consultant, give the Cambridge Weight Plan a call at 2525-7165 or visit their website.

Brought to you in partnership with Cambridge Weight Plan

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