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Sassy Scoop: The Vinci – NOT Your Average Toddler Tablet

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I’m willing to bet your kiddo more than knows his or her way around your smartphone or tablet. They may even already have their own. But while the iPad has probably saved more than one family dinner out, this early immersion in the world of tech has some experts worried. And for good reason – in fact, a recent study shows that 58% of children under 6 know how to play a computer game, but only 20% know how to swim. Hmmm…

Enter the VINCI. The first tablet designed specifically for children 18 months through elementary school. But this is way more than a child-friendly touch-screen device – it was created in collaboration with academic researchers and scientists, and goes the extra mile with a curriculum-based library of apps divided into three stages of development: babies, toddlers and preschoolers and covering thinking skills, emotional/social learning, math and reasoning, language, general knowledge and science. It’s also the winner of the 2012 National Parenting Council Award.

Its special (though separate) VINCI Kids Library is the world’s largest digital library designed just for children ages 18 months to 9 years old and has hundreds of both free and paid apps, storybooks and videos – all of which offer unique and safe digital learning that is free from commercials, adult content, violence and in-app purchases. They’ve got a super arsenal of content partners – including the fab folks at The Jim Henson Company – and there will be over 1,000 apps for the VINCI by Christmas. And for all you results-oriented mamas out there, there are even ways to track your child’s progress via a built-in assessment function.

Beyond being pre-loaded with safe and smart educational content – all of which is overseen by the company’s founder and developed with a team of forward-thinking educators, developers and designers – it’s also built in a safe and smart way. Its child-safe PVC, latex and BPA free handle (which of course also acts as a cushion protecting it from those inevitable falls) complies with FDA Child Safety Standards.

Want to bring the VINCI home? While it’s now finally available in Hong Kong, we suggest you hold tight and wait for our special Sassy Sale exclusive offer that will score you the VINCI at almost 30% off. Stay tuned for more as this deal is headed your way on November 15.

And for those who want to learn more about the VINCI, plus hear about ways to use safe technology to inspire genius in your child, join us for special Mama Meet Up on November 15 with Dr. Dan D. Yang, a mother, world-renowned telecom entrepreneur and creator of the VINCI tablet for kids who will be giving a talk entitled How to Educate Our Children in the Digital Age.”

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