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Sassy Supports: Mother’s Choice

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Most of us Sassy Mamas lead relatively lucky lives. We have families, friends, access to healthcare, a roof over our heads, food choices and resources at our fingertips. If certain circumstances or decisions result in pregnancy, we have easily accessible information and a wide range of options and support networks to choose from.

Unfortunately, every year, thousands of women deal with unanticipated pregnancies without any of these options available. This is where Mother’s Choice comes in, a Hong Kong based charitable organisation. We are huge fans of the lovely Alia Marwah Eyres, CEO of this highly worthy cause, and featured her on Sassy Mama Hong Kong recently. She is a shining light in these ladies’ lives and is a real symbol of generosity and kindness in Hong Kong. Find out a little bit more about Mother’s Choice below and how you can help out too!

A child care centre in Hong Kong.

So what does Mother’s Choice do?

Mother’s Choice has a clear vision: that no girl or baby is left alone in Hong Kong. They provide counseling and shelter to girls facing crisis pregnancies, child care homes, local and international adoption services and foster care services. They also deliver sex education to young people, parents and teachers. Mother’s Choice has been working on these issues for 26 years!

A child care centre in Hong Kong.

Why this issue and why Hong Kong?

Over the years, thousands of children have needed temporary care while they await adoption in Hong Kong, and thousands of young girls with unanticipated pregnancies have sought empowerment, education, housing and all manner of support during their time of crisis. Mother’s Choice works to fill this need, providing a loving and therapeutic environment for two of the most vulnerable populations: girls in crisis, and babies. To date, they have helped an overwhelming 51,000 girls and 3,600 babies and children.

A child care centre in Hong Kong.

What can you do to help?

Learn about the issues and engage in a positive dialogue: There is a great need in our society for a change of perception and awareness about issues such as adoption, special needs, child welfare and crisis pregnancy. Learn more about adoption from their recent campaign highlighting real stories of children who started their lives without loving and permanent families. The campaign drives recognition that adoption can and should be a common and accepted path and includes some amazing photographs by photographer Jason Lee – we recommend you take a look!

Donate: Mother’s Choice relies on the generosity of donors to enable them to fulfill their mission. Donations go to crucial needs such as hiring quality social workers, nurses and therapists, upgrading software and computers and facilities maintenance. Click here to donate now.

Follow Mother’s Choice on Facebook to keep in the loop on fun events such as their recent charity art auction.

Whether its donating, volunteering at events or simply spreading the word, even the smallest action can create a better and brighter future for girls in crisis pregnancy and provide loving homes for their babies!

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