Our Mission, Vision, and Student Learning Results combine to provide an atmosphere of compassion, learning, and excellence. We provide the environment to enable students to reach their full potential.


Dedicating our minds to inquiry, our hearts to compassion,
and our lives to service and global understanding

An American-style education grounded in the Christian faith
and respecting the spiritual lives of all


HKIS will be a leading place of learning that inspires a socially engaged community of collaborative, creative, and resilient learners dedicated to realizing their full potential.


Academic Excellence: Students will achieve their highest intellectual potential by striving for and attaining the highest standards of academic excellence.

Spirituality: Students will understand and respect Christianity and other religions and will identify and develop their own spiritual identity.

Character Development: Students will demonstrate respectful and caring attitudes at school and in the community, as well as the courage to stand up for what is right.

Self-Motivated Learning: Students willingly apply a variety of learning and motivation strategies throughout their learning process.

Contributing to Society: Students will develop the skills they need to form genuine relationships in our diverse society and make contributions to our community.

Chinese Culture: Students will gain an understanding of China and an appreciation of the Chinese Culture.

Language Of Instruction



The curriculum and approaches are similar to those in U.S. schools. The elementary program features team teaching and an emphasis on ability grouping. The secondary curriculum offers rigorous preparation for college with many electives and a broad intercultural sports and activities program. American standardized tests are administered, including the Admission Testing Program of the College Board. Almost 100 percent of the School’s graduates go on to college, the majority in the United States. The School is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

International Demographics

American (57%), Canadian (8%), British (6%), Hong Kong Chinese (6%).


Visual Arts
Performing Arts

Application & Deadline

Application fee
Application deadline
Local Applications:
Semester 1 (August): February 1
Semester 2 (January): October 1

R1 Placement Announcement: March 31

Oversas Applications:
Semester 1 (August): April 1
Semester 2 (January): November 1

R2-Grade 12 Placement Announcement:
Semester 1 (August): Rolling basis, from April
Semester 2 (January): Rolling basis, from December
Average tuition fee
Ranges from $103,800 (R1 half day) to $218,200 (Grade 12); includes once-off $15,000 entrance fee
Priority to siblings for admissions
Priority to alumni for admissions
Are you academically selective?
Waiting list for any/all grades
Yes, however the number of spaces vary depending on grade level.
Catchment area policy
Admissions process

1) Application
2) Pre-entry testing
3) Qualification
4) Acceptance
5) Final documentation

Please visit our Admissions pages:

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T : +852 2812 5000
Lower Primary & Middle School
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