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Sort out the Summer – Part IV: Stuck on You

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Today’s Sort out the Summer tip: The Classic Camp/School Pack from Mabel’s Labels.I was turned on to Mabel’s Labels by a friend in the US who recently sent along a set of custom labels for little J…not only were they beyond cute, they were practical – the perfect combo in my book.

Created by moms who were frustrated by the amount of stuff that seemed to grow legs and walk out of the house never to be seen again, Mabel’s Labels are perfect to slap on all the stuff kids lose.  Their labels for clothes, bags, shoes, lunchboxes, and stuff in general are all dishwasher, microwave, and laundry safe – and are customizable with your little munchkin’s name, choice of color and cutesie little icon (J’s labels are purple with a sweet little lady bug…).

The Classic Camp/School Pack includes a ton of durable, waterproof labels that are perfect to stick on all the stuff headed out the door to camp this summer.  Over 60 labels are included – with special labels designed for shoes, clothes, bags, tupperware – it’s all covered.  And the price is right- a very reasonable US$34.

Shipping to HKcan take as little as a week with their Express Shipping.

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