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South Stream Seafoods – fish, seafood and more for the whole family

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When I was growing up in HK, we’d drive off to Sai Kung on weekends or even out to the oyster farms at Lei Yee Mun gap, to eat line-caught garouper, straight-from-the-traps lobster and freshly shucked oysters.

Usually, these family outings took place on the weekends when we kids would be piled into the car and the journey (without today’s highways and tunnels) was a long, twisting, narrow route to get there. But on the way we’d be planning a feast of salt and pepper crab, garlicky prawns, steamed fish, clams in black bean and more.

At other times, we’d choose fresh seafood off the sampans in the Causeway Bay or Aberdeen marinas, or our beloved amah, Ah Sam, would go off to the wet markets and buy buckets of mussels, or slippery squid, or fish whose name I only know in Chinese, and the feast would be made at home.

Today, I wouldn’t dream of allowing my teens to eat oysters from HK waters — there probably aren’t anymore oysters anyway! — and while I do occasionally shop at the wet markets, I prefer to know exactly where my fish and seafood is sourced from.

As the whole family loves fish and seafood, I was thrilled to discover South Stream Seafoods, many years ago. Since then, I’ve been a loyal customer and have tried not only their excellent selection of fish and seafood, but also the great meats (though we don’t each much in our household), excellent breads and bakery items, the selection of cheeses, other deli items and more.

Bradley and Mark, who run South Stream, fly in the freshest food from Australia and New Zealand twice a week and they deliver it right to your doorstep the very next day. All you have to do is place your order online the day before. You’ll receive an email to let you know what’s in stock (they’re very honest: if the NZ fishermen are celebrating a rugby win and haven’t caught any fresh ocean trout, you won’t get any that week — although the frozen option might be available!).

For mummies trying to introduce fish as a solid for babies, South Stream have a great section of fish that’s perfect for babies, including blue cod, snapper, cod and turbot fillets that are mild enough and sourced from exceptionally clean seas. Fish is a great source of protein, contain almost no “bad” fats and are high in Omega-3 fatty acids that are not found in any other protein source, and are excellent for mental (think of it as “brain” food) and physical development.

Fish can be given to babies from around 6-7 months of age (for those with no history of food allergens). White flesh fish are the safest to introduce first as they are the most easily digestible and lowest on the allergen list. While South Stream’s fish for babies is deboned, make sure you go over it again yourself and take great care to get even the tiniest bones out. You can then steam it, poach it, bake it and then puree or fork-mash it as it should be tender enough.

An additional bonus from South Stream Seafoods is getting Mark and Bradley’s twice-weekly newsletter which I always look forward to — it is good for a laugh, has some great tips and info as well as a tried-and-tested recipe that is yummy and easy.

They’ll also help with quantities and more for seafood newbies who don’t know how to cook fish or what to buy!

South Stream Seafoods
Tel: 2555-6200

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