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Special Dad Post: LuLuLemon Hong Kong

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Despite Hong Kong’s strengths, there are many stores I immediately write off and assume haven’t made it to our island. This can be frustrating, and expensive from an international shipping perspective (provided they even offer it)!

For example, the other day while in Frankfurt I went to  Petit Bateau and, much to my yummy mummy’s dismay, spent what seemed like many Euro for some new outfits for our 6-12 month old (it’s a good thing the Euro will soon be a story we’ll be telling our children about some day). Turns out you can find Petit Bateau in Ocean Terminal (something their web site conveniently omits — you read it here). But I digress.

Those of you who know me will be first to say that I’m no fitness and yoga nut (though I’d very much like to be). However, I once had a pair of pants from Lululemon and let me tell you, I still dream of them. I walked by their retail store on the upper west side the other day and longingly gazed in the window but didn’t have the courage to commit because I had five more cities in my trip and didn’t know if I could repack my bag and accommodate any more gear.

Good news mummies, Lululemon are here in Hong Kong, with rather odd business hours, but we should all be so lucky. Next time you’re in Causeway Bay, swing by. I have yet to be there, but I will be soon and I’ll post an update to this letting you know if their sizing fits my frame, or if it’s been “adjusted” for Hong Kong. Your hubby might not be a yogi yet, but for lounging around the floor playing with the munchkin, there are few better solutions. Now, if only they’d come up with a maternity line?

LuLu Lemon, #2701, 27th Floor, Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong, 2238 5555
Opening hours:
Wednesday – Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday – Tuesday: Closed

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